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Press Releases

Innate: New to You Fake Interview. Part 1 of 3

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Vancouver, B.C. July 8, 2013 – The following is part one from a transcript from an actual fake interview. It features Innate’s Managing Director, Greg Foweraker, discussing the challenges of being a new company and first-time Outdoor Retailer exhibitor. Especially when you are neither.

INTERVIEWER: My guest today is Greg Foweraker, Managing Director at Innate. Greg, you’re a brand new company –

GREG: – we’ve been in business since 2008.

INTERVIEWER: – and this is your first Outdoor Retailer show –

GREG: – this is our eleventh OR show.

INTERVIEWER: What’s it like being the new kid on the block?

GREG: This is our eleventh OR show. All at booth 165.

INTERVIEWER: But if I’ve never heard of you, or come by your OR booth, doesn’t that mean you’re essentially new?

GREG: Maybe new to you. And you do have a point – if you discover a brand, be you a consumer, retail buyer, or member of the media, it is new. We’ve always been fresh, but if you are discovering us for the first time, then yes, we are new.

INTERVIEWER: So if I’m looking for something new at Summer Market, I should visit your booth?

GREG: Absolutely, Oprah is going to be giving away cars and cruises hourly. In a bikini. It’s not finalized yet, but show up just in case – you would not want to miss out on a free Buick. That would suck.

As for product, sometimes it’s hard to find innovation among the sea of water bottles, shoulder bags and sportswear, but this is a gathering of innovators and creative problem solvers.

INTERVIEWER: There are a lot of shoes, too.

GREG: We wear shoes, but we don’t make them. We design and build essentials for active travel and life on the move.

A couple of quick examples –


Our new-to-you travel towels are different. We could just buy fabric from a vendor, cut it to size, throw a label on it and – voila! – there’s our towel. But that’s not how we operate. We look at the towel, what it needs to do, and engineer it around our Leaner, Cleaner, Greener principles. So our towels use a 100% recycled polyester fabric – a unique fabric we created in partnership with a mill – that is really effective. The fabric’s smart-loop grid pattern quickly picks up and moves moisture off of your body. Then we add a biocide-free silver ion anti-bacterial. This helps keep the towel from getting smelly and gross – especially important when you’re traveling.

The brand new Vivo Vacuum Sleeve has a really cool da Vinci-inspired cantilevered closure system. It helps minimize leaks and dribbling, while also helping to prevent the manky buildup of dried-out steamed milk crud. It works with a single-touch for maximum ergonomic efficiency, even on the move.


Some might think that’s a lot of engineering and attention paid to a to-go cup. But we see this as something important in your life – you use it every day. It goes with you to work, and travels with you on your way to an epic day in the mountains or on the water. It works better, you use it, and this makes it an essential tool for your lifestyle. Plus it keeps your coffee warm.

INTERVIEWER: Really? But there’s a guy with insulated mugs over there and a water bottle company over there. And there. There, too. And there are cases for smart phones over there….

GREG: Yes. And most of them are doing a very good job. But we strive to find a way to elevate everything we create – what seems an accessory at first glance quickly becomes an essential with its first use.

INTERVIEWER: That’s fascinating. And do you – aw, s@!#, son-of-a-b&!$*# – I just spilled my cold coffee all over my expensive smart phone and not-at-all waterproof digital camera.


GREG: Yes you did. That’s a mess. Here – here’s a towel. Clean up, then come by our booth and take a look at the Vivo Vacuum Sleeve. You’ll probably want to look into our protective Heliograph Smart Phone/Camera Case.

INTERVIEWER: Thanks. Where are you located?

GREG: Booth number 165. Just go down the main escalator, turn right at Granite Gear, walk about 100 feet. We’ll be on your right. It’s a really big booth. Massive. And even if the Oprah/free car/bikini thing doesn’t pan out, we will at least have order forms – totally free. Come fill some out. Should be a blast.

INTERVIEWER: Will you have free beer?

GREG: Of course. Every day. At least for ourselves. Others will need to do the BYOB thing. But they can come hang out, or email us at to set up a formal time. It’ll be massive.