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Press Releases

Innate: Under the Radar – Essential Equipment that’s New to You

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Vancouver, B.C., June 27, 2013 – Love the intensity of first time experiences? New places? New sensations? The taste of bacon ice cream?

Face it – if you haven’t seen it, tried it, or touched it, it’s new. At least new to you.

Innate works under the radar. This gives them the freedom to focus on design, refinement and live their product philosophy – leaner, cleaner, greener.

The result? Their gear instantly becomes your essential equipment. Maybe you didn’t know you needed it, but now you can’t live without it. It helps you get where you’re going and with luck, enhances the quality of your experiences.

These aren’t accessories. These are essentials.

Adventure, travel or the workaday world – Innate’s essentials include storage and carrying systems for food, drink, and active travel – all the stuff you need.

Whether it’s their new gear for spring 2014, or the gear that’s just new to you, it’s awesome stuff. And awesome can’t stay under the radar for long.

So, here’s what’s new – to you – from Innate.

Heliograph Smart Phone Camera Case (Suggested Retail: $68.00)


Smart phone, camera, plus the stuff that goes with it – the Heliograph carries it securely and protects it (the stuff) from the weather.

A urethane fabric with welded, stich-free design helps seal out spitting raindrops. The clear, weatherproof touchscreen panel lets you check your maps to locate that backstreet pub, find the current exchange rate, and easily access cute online cat videos – all that non-phone stuff you use your phone for.

And all without exposing your phone to the elements.

Nice. Plus it also seals and protects your expensive, fragile, hydrophobic digital camera.

And – oh yes, there’s more – little details like an adjustable sling strap, pack clip, memory card sleeve, and clean, refined design help make the Heliograph a necessity you cannot leave behind.

Tea Culture Vacuum Flask (Suggested Retail: $18.00)


Okay – here’s the big thing: the infuser basket is made from stainless steel. No flimsy, squishy, frustrating wire baskets. Nope. Just clean, sturdy stainless steel.

Now here are the other things. Innate’s Tea Culture infuser brews your tea just right and then keeps it warm for up to six hours. That’s an Oolong time.

Steeped in modern design, the flask does double duty – it’s a durable, effective insulated vacuum bottle. Perfect for stashing some hot water for a cup later in the day, it’s also a good-looking, easy to use commuter mug.

The Tea Culture Vacuum Flask – tea for you.

Doppio Tumbler (Suggested Retail: 6.5oz – $5.50, 8oz – $6.00)


Innate’s Doppio Tumblers are for those who take their coffee seriously – ox strong, midnight dark, fully leaded. These are perfect espresso delivery systems – they sure as heck aren’t for those big honkin’ cups of gas station coffee.

Two sizes. Designed for a double-espresso, the smaller 6.5 ouncer has enough room a triple. Then there’s the cappuccino cradling 8-ounce version – with enough room for a quadruple espresso. It’s a long day and there’s a lot to get done. Coffee will help.

If you get distracted, the double wall construction keeps the double shot warm while you’re separated from your java. The lid? Fits great to minimize slosh and maximize drinkability.

And they look good, as in real good. The compact shape stands out. Colors range from the vividly bold to the elegantly modern. This ain’t your ordinary travel mug.

Deltos Tablet Sling (Suggested Retail: $87.00)


Look Sharp. Protect your tablet and your identity.

Innate’s Deltos Tablet Sling comfortably totes and cradles your tablet – any size – organizes your daily gear, and protects your identity.

The fabrics used are a blend of ecological smarts and technical muscle, the standout being the identity pouch that actually shields your RFID enabled documents – passport, credit cards – from potential identity thieves and e-pickpockets. Stop and think; your passport is compromised, your credit cards essentially stolen. You are stuck in some upper Amazon outpost or Tokyo Metro interchange. Bummer. But with the Deltos’ RFID shielding? Bummer averted.

Plus this is a great bag for day use. The beautifully patterned main compartment holds more than you’d think and the internal padded sleeve holds any size tablet. The Deltos is designed for quick access, making it easy to get online to check maps and area info in-transit. Or to do those globe-trotting Facebook check-ins. 

The RFID shielded organizer pocket keeps essential docs at hand. A zip-away water bottle pocket holds – you guessed it – a water bottle and the single-strap sling design with smart phone pouch makes access a snap in crowded cafes and frantic airport security lines.

Tight clean lines, fully functional features, ergonomic design – the Deltos is a go-to, go-with sling.

Outdoor Travel Towels (Suggested Retail: S – $21.00, M – $29.00, L – $41.00)


A better outdoor and travel towel? Totally.

Maybe you’re using one of those beat-up cotton beach towels with the overly colorful ‘70’s-inspired print on it. The one that tears a little more each time you use it. Maybe you’re using one of those overly-minimalist backpacking towels – one more suited for washing the car. And at the gym you’re using one of their towels – lord knows where that thing’s been.


Innate’s travel towels are different and better. They use a quick-dry, 100% recycled polyester fabric that actually gets you dry. The smart-loop grid pattern moves moisture off and away from your body – key getting-dry technology – and with the biocide-free silver ion anti-bacterial treatment, smelly ickiness is severely reduced.

Plus it feels nice – the cotton-like fabric is plush and downright luxurious. They come with mesh stuff sacks so you can tote them around even when wet.

Three sizes – the small one’s perfect for sweat-wiping or lightweight travel. The medium’s awesome for river trips, hikes to the lake, or camping. The big kahuna is great on the beach or as your travel bath towel.

This really is a better towel.

Stainless Steel Flasks (Suggested Retail: $22.00)


Classic or Trad – Innate’s stainless steel flasks are awesome. You should buy one.

About Innate: Based in Vancouver, Canada, Innate creates essential products that deliver seamless performance for travel, work and adventure.

It’s in Innate’s DNA to be active, progressive participants in the global community. They strive to make carefully considered choices that reduce their ecological footprint in keeping with a design philosophy of Leaner, Cleaner, Greener.

Innate has a simple goal: for you to experience lasting satisfaction from their products and recommend them to your family and friends.

To learn more about Innate, visit:, or to pop above the radar, contact them at:

Media Contact:

Jordan Kling