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Innovative Fitness Apparel Brand WOLACO Pushes Forward – New York Giants starter, Rashad Jennings, signs on as brand ambassador

NEW YORK, NY (JUNE 18, 2015) – WOLACO(Way of Life Athletic Co.) – innovative activewear originally designed to address modern day deficiencies in fitness apparel for urban-dwelling athletes – is excited to announce the launch of next-day shipping via their e-commerce site, Founded by former Harvard lacrosse player Terry White, WOLACO was developed to address the need for a different kind of compression short – one that safely and effortlessly holds phones, keys and other valuables, while not detracting from the wearer’s ability to move freely. Terry hopes his first major product, the North Moore Short, will change the way athletes everywhere approach their workouts. Thus far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the company’s only woe has been keeping up with demand.

“With a mission to inspire a higher quality of life through active living, we created WOLACO for the guy who strives to perform his best in every facet of his life” said founder Terry White. “There was a real lack of practical, stylish fitness apparel for the modern athlete, so we’re excited to fill that void. With the launch of our new website, we’ll allow athletes all over the world to experience the unique benefits of our first product, the North Moore Short, in addition to future product lines.”

After one particularly cumbersome run through the streets of Manhattan in 2013, with his key tucked into a sock and his phone bouncing in his pocket, Terry, after a conversation with his roommates in a TriBeCa, NYC apartment, created the concept for WOLACO’s signature product – the North Moore Short. The perfect combination of form, function and style, the North Moore Short is an athletic compression short with two water-resistant, compressive, easy-to-access pockets – one at the hip, for a phone or music device and the other at the thigh, featuring Velcro reinforcement, for keys, cash or credit cards. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, where fundraising goals were exceeded by 400%, WOLACO is now excited to introduce its fitness apparel solutions to an international audience with next-day fulfillment.

To coincide with their one-year in business celebration on June 22, WOLACO has signed Rashad Jennings, the starting running back for the New York Giants, as a brand ambassador. Rashad will be involved in testing prototypes, contributing to the brand’s blog and social media channels and will be featured in an upcoming video campaign ahead of the 2015 – 2016 football season.

Additionally, WOLACO will participate in a series of running events, expos and races, and will launch a customer referral program, in the coming months.

The North Moore Short is currently available in four colors – Gotham Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue and White – and retails for $45. WOLACO is also offering a variety of graphic, logo tee shirts before their fall product line drops. For more information on WOLACO or the North Moore Short, please visit


WOLACO was conceived as a solution to modern day deficiencies in fitness apparel – carrying a phone and keeping valuables safe and dry during exercise should be effortless. Founded by a group of former collegiate athletes, WOLACO developed a pocketed, water-resistant, athletic compression short that solved these seemingly obvious shortcomings for city-dwelling athletes – the signature North Moore Short. For more information, please visit www.wola-co.comor the brand on social media: