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Innovative Pakems Launch on IndieGoGo


Innovative Pakems Launch on IndieGoGo

Lightweight, Packable Shoes Raising Funds to Grow Pakems

Denver, CO (November 20 2013)Pakems, the new line of lightweight packable shoes for active men and women, today launched its campaign on IndieGoGo, seeking to raise the money to expand their size and style options.

Created by Colorado businesswoman, Julie Adams, Pakems are ideal for active-lifestyles. Designed to provide a comfortable, walking substitute for inflexible and painful ski boots to and from the lodge, Pakems are rapidly becoming the go-to and go-from shoe for the gamut of outdoor activities: ideal for skiers, hikers, cyclists, runners, paddlers and campers; and, for the world of travelers and commuters too.


 “Our IndieGoGo campaign is intended to help us raise the money we need to offer children’s and half sizes,” says Pakems founder Julie Adams. “We’ve had such a positive response to both the high and low top styles, and our growing range of colors, but we often hear that our customers would love to have Pakems for their kids and in half sizes. The money we raise on IndieGoGo will enable us to do that.”

IndieGoGo is the online fundraising platform for creative projects that allows owners to retain control of their enterprise and, at the same time, raise small or large amounts of much-needed cash. Pakems is hoping to raise $40,000 through its IndieGoGo campaign, and interested backers can pledge anywhere from just $1 to $4500.


“We’re eternally grateful to those who have tried Pakems and we hear more good things everyday,” says Adams. “Now we’re hoping that our many friends and followers will help us reach the next level by contributing to our IndieGoGo campaign and spreading the word.”

About Pakems

Headquartered in Denver, Pakems offer the outdoor enthusiast lightweight, packable and comfortable shoes, ideal for before and after sports activity. Available at Christy Sports and through a growing list of online and catalog retailers (e.g. Sahalie, The National Ski Patrol Shop). Visit or call 303.204.5265.

Contact: Peter Downing I 720.261.6766 or

Beth Cochran I 406.5797909