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Introducing Katadyn’s NEW MyBottle Purifiers and Microfilter

Katadyn introduces the MyBottle, the next generation of its EPA-registered water purifier and microfilter bottles.

Katadyn proudly introduces the MyBottle, the next generation of Katadyn’s best-selling water bottle purifiers and microfilters. Available in Spring 2010, Katadyn first showed the MyBottle at the Outdoor Show in Germany and Outdoor Retailer in the United States, both in July 2009. Like its predecessor, the MyBottle will be the only EPA-registered water purifier bottle on the market. It is lightweight, easy to use and unlike UV systems, the MyBottle performs in nearly all water conditions. Ideal for worldwide hiking, travel and backpacking, the MyBottle is expected to be a hot item for Katadyn.

“The MyBottle builds on Katadyn’s trusted technology with a design that’s much more stylish and other exciting features like a flip-up mouthpiece, carry loop, and straw for when you’re using water that’s already been treated,” says Shawn Hostetter, Vice President of Sales for Katadyn North America. “Not only does the MyBottle give you the freedom to turn water from nearly any source into safe drinking water, but the technology is EPA-registered and the bottle is BPA-free.”

Katadyn’s EPA-registered technology has three components: the Virustat cartridge to remove viruses and bacteria, a cyst filter that removes Giardia and Cryptosporidium, and a Carbon Pre/Post Filter that eliminates odors and improves taste. To use the Katadyn MyBottle, just fill the bottle, insert the filter attached to the lid, and suck the mouthpiece – very simply, dip and sip!

Other advantages of the Katadyn MyBottle include:
· The Katadyn MyBottle removes particles and dirt from water
· The Katadyn MyBottle includes carbon to make water taste better
· The Katadyn MyBottle can be used as a water bottle, filter or purifier
· The Katadyn MyBottle requires NO batteries and performs anywhere

The Katadyn MyBottle will be available in Spring 2010 at outdoor retailers nationwide and online. The Katadyn MyBottle Purifier will retail for $50 and the MyBottle Microfilter will retail for $40. Please visit our website ( for more information on the MyBottle and Katadyn.