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Iron Grip Introduces New Competition Series Olympic Bar

Orange County, CA – November 1, 2007 – Iron Grip is introducing a new product to their family of premium Olympic bars, the Competition Series Needle Bearing bar.

The Competition Series Olympic Bar is designed to be suitable for International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Olympic-style competition, and is built exactly to IWF specifications.

Iron Grip’s new Competition Series Olympic bar has been designed to compete with the best Olympic lifting bars on the market. “As with everything we manufacture here, it’s been built to meticulous standards and tested extensively,” says Donna McCallum, Iron Grip’s VP of Sales.

Made entirely in the USA, in Iron Grip’s own on-site facility, this bar offers a unique combination of performance, safety and durability. It is built with a 28 mm product-specific premium steel shaft, that provides just the right amount of flex and whip for Olympic-style lifting. It also features a heavy-duty swaged steel sleeve/collar assembly, developed in-house to improve durability. Each sleeve houses a combination of one heavy-duty ball bearing and four needle bearings. This specific combination is designed to combine free and constant sleeve rotation with the hard-wearing durability that Iron Grip equipment is known for. A proprietary snap ring locking system secures the shoulder bearings in position, further adding to the bar’s maintenance-free, heavy-duty durability. The completed bar features a durable Hard Chrome finish to protect against flaking or peeling, and is specifically treated (as are all Iron Grip bars) to eliminate any hydrogen embrittlement.

Iron Grip, based in Santa Ana, CA, is the largest provider of commercial free weight equipment worldwide and the only manufacturer with a line of exclusively American-made free weight equipment. For more information, contact the company at 800-664-4766 or visit