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Jeff Lowe featured in Men's Journal 20th Anniversary Issue

"The Climber who Refuses to Fall" Jeff Lowe is featured in June 2012 Issue of Men's Journal. Jeff's "unimaginable" solo climb of Metanoia on the Eiger NF in the winter of 1991 was written about in the first issue of Men's Journal in 1992.

“The Climber who Refuses to Fall” is featured in the June 2012 Issue of Men’s Journal. Jeff’s “unimaginable” solo climb of Metanoia on the Eiger NF in the winter of 1991 was written about in the first issue of Men’s Journal in 1992.

“Jeff Lowe may be the best American climber of all time. Now he’s struggling against a disease that has wrecked his body – but not his spirit”. At least that is how Paul Solataroff, Senior Writer for Men’s Journal and Rolling Stone sees it, after spending four days with Jeff in Ogden, Utah this past January. What started out to be a short update from the 1992 issue for the 20th anniversary issue of Men’s Journal, quickly evolved into a full feature article for the magazine’s celebration issue, on stands now – June 2012.

In the current issue, paul writes “if you wanted to write the story of the rise in climbing in this country over the past 40 years, you wouldn’t get more than a sentence or two in without tripping over the works of Jeff Lowe. He’s the DiMaggio of mountaineering and it’s Bill Veeck too, the rare athlete-seer who reboots his sport even while he’s busy taking part.”

Paul explores the original climb in 1991 and Jeff’s life today. He quotes Ueli Steck and Mark Wilford about Metanoia, Jeff’s solo climb on the mordwand, the most formidable route on the Eiger, still unrepeated today.

The famous first ascent of Metanoia in the winter of 1991 was chronicled by David Roberts and photographed by Jon Krakauer. See the original 1992 article A Mounain of Trouble at Men’s Journal by clicking here.

Work continues on the movie Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia, with a release date of 2013.

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