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Jeff Lowe's Metanoia announces Vasque/Red Wing – Presenting Sponsor

The Metanoia Team is proud to announce Vasque, a division Red Wing Shoes as Presenting Sponsor of Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia,the documentary film about the life and climbs of Jeff Lowe, narrated by Jon Krakauer, directed by Jim Aikman.


 Bill Sweasy, owner of Red Wing Shoes writes: “I can’t put in words how I feel about helping out with this movie. I didn’t start climbing until I was 45 years old. I started with ice climbing because I love winter sports. Jeff’s DVD on ice climbing was a real inspiration. I could never do the things he showed, but I would go to the brickyards in St. Paul and practice. When I went to the Ouray Ice Festival and met Jeff, he was so welcoming and encouraging. I was just a beginner and he was the hero, but he made me feel welcome and encouraged me. I’ll never forget how much the culture there was open to newbies and wannabes. The slide shows and opportunities to learn from real pros was what kept me going back and trying to get better. I’ve taken my kids groups from our local high school to St Paul and the north shore of Lake Superior climbing the frozen waterfalls. Jeff’s contributions have had an impact on many more lives than just the ones he has touched personally.”


Telluride Mountain Film Festival will host a film makers workshop on the Making of Jeff Lowe’s Metanoiaover Memorial Day Weekend. Award winning director, Jim Aikman will conduct the workshop, with support from Connie Self and Jeff Lowe. Post production on the film continues full time in Boulder, Colorado. The film will be completed this summer. 

Now is the time to join the Metanoia Team as a sponsor or individual supporter of Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia. Visit or contact Connie Self for details: or 208.630.4477

Photo left by Jon Krakauer: Metanoia, Eiger North Face, Jeff Lowe, 1991 

Photo right by Ian Tomlinson – Jeff Lowe climbing in Ouray Ice Park, 1998