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Julbo USA Introduces Rx Trem™ Prescription Sunglasses Program

Julbo’s extensive heritage in optical lens technology continues to progress with the introduction of the Rx Trem™ prescription sunglass line.

Williston, VT. – In the company’s 125th year of business, Julbo’s extensive heritage in optical lens technology continues to progress with the introduction of the Rx Trem™ prescription sunglass line. Julbo’s unique, industry-leading photochromic NXT® lenses offer the consumer a high-performing and fully adaptable experience. The addition of the prescription lens program epitomizes Julbo’s expertise and specializing in custom optical needs.

The Julbo RX Trem™ prescription sunglass program offers high-tech prescription lenses specifically cut to the performance-based frames of the Julbo line to provide a greater viewing comfort in all situations and from all angles. Offered in the Zebra, Camel and Falconlens, the Rx program provides several options including polarization with the Camel and Falcon lens, as well as a 7- to 42-percent visible light transmission rate in the Zebra lens. Each of these lens characteristics play a pivotal role in providing high-performance lenses with adaptability for all activities.

The Rx Trem™ prescription program introduces several key features to optimize the performance level of each pair of Julbo Rx sunglasses. To ensure clear vision in all directions, the angle of vision of each pair of sunglasses offers the widest field of distortion-free vision. Stemming from its mountaineer heritage, Julbo understands the importance of providing light and toughsunglasses, and constructs the RX sunglasses from light and low-density materials. The embedded treatment technology offers a fully treated technology where the entire depth of the lens is colored, polarized and photochromically treated throughout. Each RX Trem™ lens is designed to take account of the physiological features to each user and offers immediate adaptation to ensure full adaptability for the user to Julbo sunglasses.

Available only at, the prescription sunglass program, depending on frame and lens choice, will range from $400-650. The sunglass line includes some of Julbo’s more popular frames from each of its categories – the Bivouak and Explorer from Julbo’s Mountain Line, the Dirt and Pipeline from the performance collection, and the Zulu from the travel collection. With these products and several more of the Julbo line available with RX Trem™ prescription lenses, Julbo offers a wide assortment of adaptable sunglasses available for all activities.

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