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July 2013 Punta Gorda, Florida Lifestyle & Resortwear show a success


ASHEVILLE, NC (July 22, 2013) – EORA (Eastern Outdoor Reps Association), just completed its first Lifestyle and Resort-wear show in Punta Gorda, Florida. This New EORA show was designed to service the wide variety of Florida’s retail market places and it exceeded the expectations of both the retailer’s and exhibitors who attended.

The EORA Florida show will continue to move forward with future shows at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center at 75 Taylor Street in Punta Gorda, FL. The next show is scheduled for December 10- 11th2013. (Tuesday, Wednesday) The comments received by the organization have indicated that this series of EORA Shows will attract more reps and retailers who are seeking the latest in product trends and innovations presented in a relaxing atmosphere.

2014Future dates are:

July 14 & 15 (Monday, Tuesday)

December 9th – 10th2014. (Tuesday, Wednesday) 

Debbie Motz the Executive Director of EORA was quoted saying “EORA has lots of future potential in Punta Gorda. The facility worked well and offers future growth potential. Both retailers and exhibitors were pleased, and so we are looking forward to returning to Florida and helping fulfilling our members and retailers request.”

“Attending the first ever EORA show in Punta Gorda was a very positive experience. The retailers attending were pleased to have an opportunity to shop some of their favorite outdoor lifestyle lines as well as find new opportunities at the well-organized show.

The facilities were first class which made for a great buying/selling environment.

Thanks to Debbie and team for a great job and I look forward to show #2 in December!”

Keith Myers


Gramicci Southeast

“There was an overwhelming positive response from retailers that were appreciative we are here and looking forward to EORA establishing the show.There will be a strong commitment by EORA to continue to build and expand the needs of the Florida market.”

Norman Pitt

EORA President