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Jungle Gym XT Redefines Suspension Bodyweight Training

LifelineUSA introduces the Jungle Gym XT (MSRP: $99.99), a next-generation suspension bodyweight trainer that offers new and enhanced features, design aesthetics and sanitation to what is arguably the hottest category in fitness today.

MADISON, Wis. (September 22, 2010) – LifelineUSA, a leading manufacturer of professional-grade functional fitness accessories, introduces the Jungle Gym XT (MSRP: $99.99), a next-generation suspension bodyweight trainer that offers new and enhanced features, design aesthetics and sanitation to what is arguably the hottest category in fitness today.

Built for punishing commercial use, the Jungle Gym XT is very different from traditional suspension trainers currently on the market. Most notably, it features a split design, which allows users to quickly and easily adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the system. From “V-Shaped” suspension (found on traditional suspension trainers), to neutral suspension (found in Olympic rings) and now wide-angle suspension, the Jungle Gym XT offers new features and versatility unlike anything the category has seen before.

“The split design is just one of many features that make this product the premier player in the suspension bodyweight training category,” said Rick Pawlak, vice president of sales and marketing for LifelineUSA. “The Jungle Gym XT wins on a number of levels. It’s easier and more comfortable to use; provides greater versatility; and is more durable and sanitary than traditional suspension training products found in the gym environment. The feedback [on the Jungle Gym XT] has been tremendous. Hands down, it’s a superior product in an extremely hot category – we’re excited about it.”

The Jungle Gym XT offers a number of features and design elements that differentiate it from traditional models, including:

•Easy-In Foot CradlesTM that are truly “hands-free,” make the Jungle Gym XT easy and comfortable to use where many traditional foot stirrups are awkward, clumsy and hard to maneuver.

•Ergonomic handles and Easy-In Foot Cradles are made from a durable thermoplastic material (vs. porous foam), making them comfortable to grip and easy to wipe clean for a sanitary workout every time.

•Integrated door anchors, synch loops and a Duro-LinkTM attachment that provide simple, secure anchoring solutions virtually anywhere in a gym, at home or traveling on the road.

•Split design, which allows users to change the direction of force by switching from traditional “V-Shaped” suspension, to neutral and wide suspension positioning. This provides a greater variety of exercise movements (including pullups) and comfort settings not found in traditional suspension or ring training systems.

•Carbon fiber buckle with rounded surfaces that won’t damage facilities and is smooth against a user’s body. The buckle is placed in-line with the handle and webbing to ensure comfort, even in the traditional “V-Shaped” position.

•Strap-end adjustors that keep the system looking tidy, but are detachable for users who want to make quick adjustments.

In addition to these standout features, the Jungle Gym XT comes with a 55-minute, instructional DVD broken into three segments that demonstrate a variety of pulling, pushing and floor exercises, as well as progression techniques. The Jungle Gym XT also comes with a convenient wall poster featuring full-body workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced users, complete with basic technique and usage tips.

“The big thing is, trainers now have a great choice when it comes to suspension training products,” said Jon Hinds, one of the country’s leading experts on functional training and founder of the Monkey Bar Gym franchise. “We’ve shown the Jungle Gym XT to trainers and gym owners all over the country and the reception has been phenomenal. They get it. They understand why, feature by feature, there’s nothing like it.”

The Jungle Gym XT officially launches the first week in October at the Club Industry Expo in Chicago and will be available for purchase through all major commercial fitness distributors.

About LifelineUSA
LifelineUSA pioneered the concept of functional fitness when it designed the first beaded jump rope in 1973. Since then, the company has developed professional-grade products used for bodyweight, progressive-variable resistance and core training. The company offers a variety of fitness accessories for a diverse audience, including: physical therapists, athletic trainers, PE instructors and active lifestyle consumers. Additional details about LifelineUSA and the company’s complete product offering can be obtained at or by calling 1-800-553-6633.

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