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K2 Snowboarding Unveils Fresh New Website & 2015 Product

SEATTLE, Wash. (Aug. 20, 2014) – With more than 25 years of pushing the envelope of snowboard innovation and technology, fueling rider stoke, and growing the sport, K2 Snowboarding has the gas pedal pinned for a 2014/15 season packed with smiles, high fives, and memorable snow-filled experiences.

This winter, K2’s got your back for every aspect of riding as the industry leader unleashes their fresh new gear and enhanced website. Boasting a responsive design, easier navigation, and upgraded layout, K2’s slick digital portal showcases this season’s diverse offerings of hardgoods, softgoods, backcountry tools, accessories, and team rider news. And, if checking in or surfing the web on-the-go is more your speed, K2’s revamped mobile-friendly touchpoints let you get the info on gear or watch the latest video all on your smartphone or tablet.


“Our new site is clean, visually appealing, and tastefully showcases our deep 2015 line-up and team rider news for a digital brand experience that keeps the stoke level high,” said Hunter Waldron, K2’s global marketing manager. “We continue to push the progression of everything we do for the betterment of the sport and build products that perform at the highest level to maximize the comfort and fun you can have on snow.”

Get ‘Cha Gear Here

With a new season and technologies comes new gear. For men, the iconic, twin-tip, freestyle-machine World Wide Weapon features some serious upgrades to help butter your ride. The shred stick now comes complete with JibTip Hybritech™ construction and Freestyle Tweekend™ Baseline technology for added smoothness for pressing and playing as you slice up the park and pipe. This next generation craft of freestyle progression also features Lifted™ Baseline technology for top-notch pop and Bambooyah™ core for burly strength.

World Wide Weapon

Unrivaled in the world of bindings this winter, K2’s hot new Lien bindings are bringing the feel of surf and skate to the snow. With two models focused on freestyle and all-mountain riding, the Lien FS and Lien AT simultaneously offer superior support and flex you think you’re floating. With a slight raised-off-the-deck feel, both Lien bindings feature K2’s new Zero highback for lightweight support, maximum maneuverability, and a smooth ride.

Lien FS

The versatile, hard-charging Maysis boot features K2’s proprietary Boa®Conda™ lacing system for quick, on-the-fly liner and outer shell adjustments. Add in Harshmellow™ footbeds for vibration dampening, and your ride just got upgraded from a beater, shock-less sedan to a comfy chauffeurdriven stretch limo. 

For women, K2 continues to dial-in the right fit and design specifically catered to the female rider. The new, versatile Wow Pow board features All-Terrain Baseline™ and Tweekend™ technologies to provide the greatest, freedom-filled float through powder and variable conditions alike. From the white room to the corduroy canvas, the Wow Pow promotes ear-to-ear smiles.

Wow Pow

The strong Yeah Yeah binding features canted footbeds that create a natural stance, and Peaceback urethane highback that provides freedom to move where you want and stability where it’s needed.

The stylish, high-performance Contour boot looks like an elegant women’s handbag because it carries every riders most important things … their feet. With Boa®Conda™ tech for ultimate heel hold and first-class comfort compliments of a Harshmellow™ damping outsole, the Contour moves fast and turns heads.

New for the season is K2’s collector’s edition Enjoyer Series – a limited run, five-board masterpiece that highlights the brand’s Seek & Enjoy motto. Each of the whips are in the 2015 line, but sport different, unique graphics inspired by K2 team riders.

And, new to the revolutionary K2 Kwicker family are the men’s Compass and women’s Arrow boots. The next iterations of the Stark boot, these beauties go longer and further with a softer flex for extended touring missions in the backcountry. For 2015, K2 also offers the new Float airbag packs in 15 and 30L and shovels, probes, skins, and poles as part of their Backside Collection.

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