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Katadyn Advances new Best-in-Class Gravity Water Filters

New gravity filter systems offer fastest flow rates, largest capacities, hydration bladder compatibility and convert to camp showers!

Minneapolis, Minn. – Katadyn, the global manufacturer of industry leading water treatment systems and the first to introduce small, portable gravity water filters years ago, is introducing two new gravity water filters in mid-2014 that offer best-in-class performance. With durability and efficiency at the forefront of design, the new Gravity Camp 6L and Base Camp Pro 10L filters offer category leading flow rates, compatibility with hydration systems and reservoir size, making access to safe drinking water in the backcountry an easy affair.

With an incredibly fast 2-liter per minute flow rate, the new 0.2-micron Ultra Flow Filter Technology provides a quick turnaround from natural water source to a clean, drinkable water supply. The 10- and 6-liter capacities of each filter are the largest on the market, and now allow for fewer trips to the water source and more time at camp. However, larger capacity doesn’t come at the expense of weight. The Gravity Camp 6L weighs in at 11 ounces and Base Camp Pro 10L at 12.4 ounces, which is among the lightest gravity filters on the market.

Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L

Unique to the Gravity Camp 6L and Base Camp Pro 10L filters, a new on/off quick release valve and quick connector for hydration bladders ensure a smooth transition from filter supply to your drink method of choice (hydration bladder, water bottle, etc.). Quick-release connections for hydration systems are included for fast, hands free filling of hydration bladders.

Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L

A simple buckle system allows for easy attachment to a tree limb or any other available system for hanging the filters. These new gravity filters can also be elevated on a rock to avoid the need to hang.

Other features include a transparent window on the bags that highlight water- level markings designated for exact measurements when refilling hydration systems and water bottles. A sediment reservoir extends filter life by preventing larger particles from entering the filter. The filters are designed to work in cold and/or freezing temperatures. They are field serviceable and cleanable, and are guaranteed not to clog within the first year of use.

Katadyn offers the only gravity filters which are quickly and easily converted to camp showers using the Katadyn Shower Adaptor to convert your Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L or Base Camp Pro 10L into camp showers. Simply turn the window in the bag toward the sun to allow the water to warm up for a refreshing shower. Other accessories include an activated carbon cartridge for improved water taste and chemical reduction, a ceramic filter option for those who prefer Katadyn’s legendary Ceramic filter technology, and a quick-connect bottle cap (coming soon) for easy attachment to wide mouth bottles/bladders.

The Gravity Camp 6L retails for $89.95, and the Base Camp Pro 10L retails for $99.95. The Shower Adaptor Accessory retails for $9.95. Katadyn is mindful of loyal customers who purchased the previous model gravity filter (Katadyn Base Camp). Customers who own the previous model can purchase an upgrade kit, including the new Ultra Flow Filter, quick release cap, larger diameter output hose, hydration pack adaptor and carry case – all for $59.95.

About Katadyn Group
Katadyn is a leading producer of individual water treatment systems for the outdoor, marine, military and relief markets and has been producing quality water systems for over 80 years. Today the Katadyn Group includes leading outdoor brands Trek ‘n Eat (Europe), AlpineAire (USA), Optimus stoves and Katadyn’s complete line of water treatment products (including reverse osmosis desalinators). Headquartered near Zürich, Switzerland, Katadyn operates subsidiaries and sales offices in the USA, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, and Singapore, as well as a manufacturing facility in Romania.