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Kin Impact Adds Brewer Fitness Equipment to Facilities in Quebec

Sees growth in category of Vertical Movement

Randolph, MA. – November 20, 2017  

Kin Impact

Brewer Fitness is pleased to announce is has added three M4 Pro Treadwall’s to the line of equipment offered at Kin Impact’s Sherbrooke, Quebec facility.

“As a one of a kind private gym, Treadwall gives our members access to

functional fitness equipment that is as fun as it is essential to one’s physical evolution,” said Pierre-Oliver Pinard, owner and head trainer at Kin Impact Sherbrooke.

Brewer Fitness manufactures commercial climbing structures for gym and fitness clubs, including the Laddermill Ascender and Treadwall, providing users with a fresh, unique approach to full-body fitness training with Vertical Movement.

Moving vertically engages a wide range of muscle groups, offering users an adventurous way to improve their muscular and core strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

“Our unique equipment will offer Kin Impact’s members an array of physical and mental benefits. It’s a fun, new approach to strength training and cardio conditioning that isn’t offered anywhere else in the area, and we’re hoping both trainers and members benefit from having this great piece of cross-training equipment in Sherbrooke,” said Conant Brewer, co-founder of Brewer Fitness.

As fitness enthusiasts continue to look for new ways to add variety to their routines, with the rise of alternative workout trends including CrossFit, obstacle course racing, and ninja warrior, Vertical Movement offers similar full-body benefits. The built-in auto-stop feature allows you to climb safely at any speed without any safety equipment or harnesses.

The Treadwalls will be accessible to all Kin Impact Sherbrooke members and staff members will be available to give a tutorial to those members who are interested in making vertical movement a part of their exercise regimens.

About Brewer Fitness

Brewer Fitness manufactures the Treadwall series, Laddermill Ascender and other unique products in Randolph, MA. Brewer Fitness offers functional fitness equipment for a revolutionary and adventurous way to improve overall strength and cardiovascular endurance for people of all ages and abilities. To learn more about Brewer Fitness, please visit