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Liberty Mountain Announces New Distribution of Movement Skis in North America

Liberty Mountain, a leading independent distributor of technical outdoor products and climbing brands in the U.S., plans to announce at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market their new distribution of Movement skis in North America. Movement is a Swiss company that focuses whole-heartedly on manufacturing ultra-modern skis with state-of-the-art materials. Liberty Mountain plans to carry eight of Movement’s backcountry models for freeriding and touring. 


Movement has taken giant steps towards leading the ski industry in ski-manufacturing. From their top-end wood cores to their new line of ECO skis, Movement has moved on from traditional ski construction and developed a whole new way of making skis.

Starting in the winter of 2014/2015, Liberty Mountain will make the following models available in the U.S.A. and Canada:

Believe Women’sFreeride


Dedicated freeriders who want to explore powder fields and venture into the steeper pitches and couloirs will love the Believe. At just 3 lbs 10 oz in 176cm with a lightweight wood core and glass/carbon fiber construction and freeski rocker, the Believe is one of the most complete skis on the market. The hyper lightweight of the Believe helps the skier rip up the long descents off piste all day long and the rocker tip give the ski a cat-like agility in more challenging terrain.



 The Buzz has walked away with a number of magazine prizes for being one of the most accessible freeride skis on the market. This mid-fat is notable for it’s relatively short side-cut and maneuverability. There’s no need to have legs of steel to make the most of this ski – it drives into the turn effortlessly whatever the terrain and carves fluidly. In the deeper stuff, the 99mm underfoot width comes into its own, while the feather-light (sub 4 lbs) makes this ski one of the lightest models available on the market in this category.



 The Trust offers precision and power that is unmatched. This ski loves to be pushed and excels at higher speeds where it chews up any terrain. At 108mm underfoot and boasting a long rocker tip, the Trust floats beautifully in the fresh stuff and accelerates quickly on open pitches when the skier wants to just let it rip. In more interrupted terrain, the smaller sizes are recommended, with the 194cm being reserved for the expert end of the freeride market.

Super Turbo Evo Women’sFreeride


Big powder days need a big ski! The Super Turbo Evo is not your average women’s ski. This is an exceptional women’s ski. Incredibly light for its size at just 4 lbs 6 oz in 182cm. Huge tip rockers allow the Super Turbo Evo to float immediately and still turn whenever the rider decides. This ski simply chews up the terrain – whatever the mountain can throw at it – giving the rider the impression that they are flying. With a solid construction, the Super Turbo reacts well to strong forces from the skier and changes direction quickly despite being very stable at high speed. This one is very much the pinnacle of female freeride skis.

Super Turbo EvoFreeride


New shape. New sizes. Same soul. The Super Turbo Evo has regularly been used as a benchmark in the Freeride-Big Mountain category and continues to be the clear leader in this segment with its incredible performance. The Super Turbo Evo is the tool for big powder days, yet despite its imposing size, it is very easy to swing this ski from one turn to the next. But where this ski really comes into its own is the big open pitches where you can just let it chew up the mountain.

Balance Women’s –Touring


At 88mm underfoot, this ski is both versatile and easy to ski, thanks to its rocker tip. The latest generation of cap construction is used on this ski to achieve an excellent level of performance and also to keep the weight down to just 1100 gram in 161cm. The Balance is the ideal ski for those days, when the descent is going to be the highlight of the day. The Balance is also a very competent performer back on the piste, making it a great all-rounder.

Response –Touring


The Response is part of the new generation of Free Touring skis with a new-school shape. The side-cut and the long Light Rocker 10 tip make this ski float effortlessly in the deep stuff and make it super-smooth in varied terrain. This mid-fat ski is made with a lightweight Karuba wood core and strong construction to keep it very stiff torsion and keep the performance levels high. Despite its high-performance abilities, the Response remains an easy ski to handle so it suits all levels of Free Touring fans, but particularly those who are sporty and looking for the next challenge.

Shift –Touring


The Shift is an oversized Free Touring machine designed to open up new dimensions on the mountain. At 98mm underfoot and boasting an extended Light Rocker 12 top making it excel in deep snow, the Shift still weighs in at just 3lbs 3oz in the 177cm length. This incredibly low weight is thanks to the mix of glass/carbon fiber construction and our exclusive North TPT technology. This model opens the door to a new type of ski where the relationship between weight, power, performance and reliability is key to success. 

Liberty Mountain offers outdoor retailers a great selection of products, quick online ordering, easy-to-use catalogs, excellent customer service, dependable same day shipping, and high in-stock rates from both its Utah and Pennsylvania warehouses.

Liberty Mountain exclusively distributes the following brands throughout the U.S.: Beal, Cypher, Vaude, Edelweiss, Grivel, Movement, Singing Rock, Olicamp, Valandre, Outdoor Designs, Peregrine, Trangia, Stram, Stubai, Kong, Equinox, and Ushba.


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