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Life Fitness Introduces New Learning Tools to Connect Product Science with the Workout

Life Fitness and its Life Fitness Academy (LFA) recently developed a comprehensive, five-step learning solution offering flexible educational tools to empower facility staff and trainers.

SCHILLER PARK, Ill. – When a fitness facility invests in Life Fitness equipment, much more arrives beyond the delivery truck and machinery. Life Fitness works to deliver the other half of the equation for its customers with professional education and training support that assists facilities in providing the best fitness experience for their customers.

To better support facilities, Life Fitness and its Life Fitness Academy (LFA) recently developed a comprehensive, five-step learning solution offering flexible educational tools to empower facility staff and trainers. This blend of e-learning, webinars, and onsite training provides the flexibility to reach a large number of facility staff members.

“Life Fitness is a full-service organization,” said John Stransky, president of Life Fitness. “Our team invests in getting our customers the right products, design support and service they need to be successful. The education and training we’re able to offer also plays a significant role in that commitment.”

The Life Fitness Academy is the professional education and training support resource for Life Fitness, and has coached fitness facilities for more than a decade. Through this experience, the LFA has educated thousands of trainers and facility staff worldwide on how to properly use and demonstrate Life Fitness equipment and programs.

The LFA’s new curriculum includes insight into the biomechanics behind the design of each product line as well as information about how the advanced technology built into every machine directly benefits the exerciser. The program tackles product specification, user set up and proper exercise execution.

“When our customers buy our equipment, we don’t just walk away,” said Kerri O’Brien, director of the Life Fitness Academy. “We try to connect the science in our product to the workout through customized education and training options that ensure every staff member and trainer can help exercisers get the most from their experience at a facility.”

The LFA’s five-step learning solution begins with e-learning where staff and trainers can listen, view, practice and test their knowledge anytime and anywhere. Following e-learning, the Life Fitness Academy provides both on-demand and live webinars using engaging audio and visual content to make learning more dynamic and fun for professionals. For the most advanced training and ongoing education, the Life Fitness Academy Global Training Network offers on-site education at the facility or through a local conference or fitness event.

“Every phase of our training program sends a clear message that a facility is dedicated to having the best equipment and expertise available to help staff, trainers, and ultimately exercisers, excel,” O’Brien added.

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Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC), is the global leader in designing and manufacturing a full line of high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. It is the largest commercial fitness equipment provider in the world and the only fitness equipment manufacturer that has been providing premium equipment for 30 years. Life Fitness’ cardiovascular and strength-training products, including the renowned Lifecycle Exercise Bike, are used worldwide in health clubs, fitness centers and wellness facilities, as well as in homes. The company is headquartered near Chicago, in Schiller Park, Ill., and distributes its equipment in more than 120 countries.

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