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Light & Motion Introduces the Nip & Tuck: the New Benchmark in Electric Bike Lighting


Contact: Julie Atherton
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Light & Motion Introduces the Nip & Tuck: the New Benchmark in Electric Bike Lighting

– Compact and powerful, this new line offers clean, integrated mounting options for 6v to 18v e-bikes –

Marina, CA, September 8, 2016 – Light & Motion, the premier manufacturer of bike, underwater, camera and outdoor LED lights, is revolutionizing e-bike lighting with Nip & Tuck – the new benchmark in e-bike lighting. These paired head and rear lights – which can be used together or separately – can be seamlessly integrated into electric bicycles, providing a powerful lighting system previously unseen in the e-bike market.

“We surveyed the stock light set-ups and found them to be sorely lacking, both in terms of power and performance. Thanks to our engineering team, we’ve revolutionized the market with the Nip & Tuck – a high-powered solution with a compact, durable design,” said Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light & Motion. “We’re excited to give e-bike riders the kind of lighting performance that their bike deserves. Designed to provide peace of mind with safe and effective illumination, Nip & Tuck represents the next level of integrated e-bike lighting.”


Nip, the headlight, illuminates with an 800- or 500-lumen spot beam with multiple low-profile mounting options. Tuck, the taillight, blasts a strong, 25-lumen red pulse. Its innovative under-seat attachment provides visibility at the highest point on the bike.


Nip & Tuck feature hi-intensity amber side lighting, establishing 360 degrees of protective visibility at intersections and high-traffic areas – an often overlooked but critical safety feature. Both are also fully waterproof, making them ideal for commuting in any condition.

Integrating into the on-board battery, the system can be controlled from compatible e-Bike computer interfaces.

  • 800 / 500 lumen headlight and 25 lumen taillight certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • Engineered for seamless e-bike battery integration (6V to 18V)
  • Amber side lighting creates 360 degrees of protective visibility
  • Pulse mode for high traffic areas/day-time riding
  • Custom micro-peened reflectors optimize beam pattern to provide efficient and effective distribution of light
  • Multiple low-profile headlight mounting options available: bar, Bosch Arm, stem, fender, GoPro, BarFly
  • Taillight seat rail clamp with angle adjustment for universal mounting and effective visibility. Mount options: underseat, seat post, GoPro
  • Both Nip and Tuck come with GoPro mounts
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating for all conditions commuting – lights are tested to be fully submersible in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes
  • Backed by Light & Motion’s 2 Year Warranty and Enhanced Experience Guarantee


Nip 800 (Headlight): $100

Nip 500 (Headlight): $80

Tuck (Taillight): $60

Nip-n-Tuck Set (Nip 500 & Tuck): $130

About Light & Motion

Based in Marina, California, Light & Motion designs, tests and builds its LED bike, underwater, camera and outdoor personal lighting systems at its LEED-certified headquarters. Beyond bright, we are Progressive, consistently delivering the most innovative, powerful, lightweight lights on the market. We are Waterproof, the only brand who can claim all our new lights are fully submersible, meeting the IP 67 testing protocol, thereby eliminating the leading cause of bicycle lighting failure. And we are Makers, the only lighting brand to build all our products in the USA. Light & Motion products come with a two-year enhanced guarantee. Bike shops across the US nominated us at Interbike for best customer service and best consumer value in 2015.