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Light & Motion Unveils New Branding Across All Platforms


Light & Motion Unveils New Branding Across All Platforms

Light company launches new website and packaging to reflect company values and product cross-versatility

March 20, 2014, Marina, CA
– Light & Motion, the innovation leader for state-of-the-art outdoor lighting systems, is launching a branding refresh across its marketing and sales platforms, including a complete redesign of its website,, and new packaging design. The new website launched this week and new packaging will start appearing in July. The refresh coincides with the company’s recent move into a new and larger facility in Marina, CA, reinforcing the company’s commitment to manufacturing in the United States and expanded product offerings.

The branding refresh showcases the versatility of the Light & Motion products. Now customers can visit the new website to find the perfect light by activity – on bike, on foot, on water and underwater. From there, consumers can hone in on a specific use, plus discover other activities for which the product works well. The multi-activity presentation is also reflected on the new packaging.

“We know our customers are engaged in multiple activities, from cycling and camping to running and diving. Our lights are equally versatile, and we wanted our brand experience to reflect that,” says Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light & Motion. “Our goal was to expand the website to be able to provide a better experience in every way a customer touches the brand: from the pursuit of knowledge to product specifications, to customer service.”

Central to the rebranding is the new tagline, ‘Beyond Bright,’ which speaks to the company’s continued quest to go beyond the status quo – not only to create the perfect light but to make smarter choices about the how the company makes its products, runs its workplace, and serves its community of loyal customers.

The rebranding is all part of Light & Motion’s commitment to growth which included the company’s move to its new 28,000 sq. foot facility in Marina, California in February 2014. The new headquarters doubled the company’s local footprint, enabling it to meet its growing business needs, from development and production to fulfillment.

About Light & Motion

We are a product design and manufacturing company that makes functional light products for personal use for individuals that value conscientious design practices, worldwide, who seek elegantly engineered solutions in an era of commoditized products. We have been awarded numerous accolades including the 2012 “Cool California Award” for greenhouse gas reductions, the 2008 “California Small Business of the Year” award, and W.R.A.P. award for reducing our waste stream five years in a row. We care about building a great product that embodies the essence of our company.