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localeikki Partners with SMACK! Media to Launch their Crowd- Sourced App that Helps Travelers and Active Individuals find Places to Workout


November 19, 2013—(Flagstaff, AZ) localeikki, a new crowd sourced-app to help active individuals and athletes share and find outdoor places to workout, has selected SMACK! Media as a Public Relations partner. Known for their authenticity and success in the world of health, sports and fitness, SMACK! Media will be providing personalized media relations, marketing strategy and brand awareness consulting to localeikki.

The mission of localeikki is to help people be active no matter where they are by offering a database of recreation locations that are publicly accessible and locally recommended. They accomplish this by providing an easy-to-use community-based app for people to find trust-worthy places to run, hike, ride or bike and even find training groups in local cities. Not only will the athletes know ‘where to go,’ but they will also get a sense of ‘what it looks like’ and what amenities are available (bathrooms, drinking water, parking, etc). localeikki also introduces locals to new routes and groups within their communities and all localeikki members are encouraged to “play it forward” by sharing their best routes and tips for all to enjoy.

According to localeikki Co-Founder and avid runner, Tracy McMillan, “We want to help people be active no matter where they are. From knowing how far the location is from your hotel, if there are bathrooms or parking near a trail, if a run route is well populated or lit up at night, we aim to provide the most useful and accurate information on the network and app.

The name localeikki is derived from the concept of locavore: loca for local & leikki means play in Finnish—play local. McMillan started localeikki with her background in urban planning, public health and experience and involvement in the running industry. Early in the development, Tracy joined forces with Co-Founder Taylor Thomas, a cyclist and outdoor travel enthusiast, who shared in her passion for finding and sharing the best workout locations, trails and parks all over the world. “It came from our professional backgrounds and our own struggles as traveling athletes, plus what we heard from other active folks who traveled,” Thomas explains. “There were some ‘make do’ solutions out there. We wanted to create a traveling athlete’s solution that efficiently addressed the primary pain point: When I travel I just don’t know where to run or bike!”

Once a user has created an account, he or she can input an address and activity choice via the website or mobile app and localeikki will find local running, walking, cycling and hiking locations and groups that other localeikki members have shared. In line with localeikki’s goal of athletes helping athletes, members also have access to “play it forward” and share their favorite routes, fun notes, important details, multiple photos and groups with the localeikki database as well as add their own tips and images to existing routes.

To learn more about localeiiki and find new places to play, please visit, buy the app on iTunes and follow them on Twitter (@localeikki), Facebook ( and Instagram (


Have you ever been traveling & just wanted to find a good place to run, walk or ride? Or maybe you had a workout to do and would enjoy jumping into a local group’s training session if only you could find one?

That’s why we created localeikki. We want to help people be active no matter where they are. localeikki is a database of recreation locations that are publicly accessible and locally recommended.

localeikki is a riff off of the concept locavore: loca for local & leikki means play in Finnish—play local. Our goal is that the business not only helps people be active, but also encourages information sharing of great places to be active. Did someone tell you about a good place to be active? Play it forward by sharing the great public places to run, bike, & play in your hometown.


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