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Madshus Revolutionizes Ski Customization with the eMpower™ Program


SEATTLE, Wash. (January 8, 2014) – Madshus, the world’s leading performance Nordic ski company, releases Madshus eMpower™ a microchip technology used to aid in custom ski selection. Madshus eMpower incorporates an internal Near Field Communication (NFC) chip into the core of each ski making it possible to capture vital data about the skis’ internal properties and measurements. This new technology will change the way dealers work with consumers to make ski selections. A demonstration of Madshus eMpower can be seen for the first time at the Madshus booth #36106at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

Passion, craftsmanship, and innovation remain at the core of Madshus’ DNA. This year, they’re taking this mission to an entirely new level. Madshus eMpower technology creates a highly efficient, streamlined production process. As each Madshus ski is produced, real-time data is captured and stored, creating a ski’s unique signature: flex profile, target skier weight, optimal waxing properties, and camber profile. This data is then used by Madshus engineers to ensure that each set of skis are paired together perfectly and built precisely to spec.

At the retail level, Madshus eMpower is a game changer. The NFC chip, once scanned, provides retailers with instant ski selection capabilities, heightened inventory management, and streamlined customer service. Having each ski’s DNA at their fingertips allows dealers to provide their customers with the very best ski possible. Eliminating the guess work, Madshus eMpower ensures that consumers can find the ultimate ski for their physical profile, providing the critical data required to make fine-tuned, on-the-fly adjustments. The MyMadshus app, set to launch in Fall 2014, allows skiers to keep a log of each of their skis’ unique DNA, tracking snow conditions, wax history, and logging data on recent workouts.

 Madshus eMpower will be available in the Madshus 2014/2015 REDLINE and Champion series skis.

The world’s oldest ski brand, Madshus’ Norwegian heritage dates back to 1906. From the original woodworking craftsmanship of its founder, to today’s state of the art production processes and materials, Madshus is the standard to which all other Nordic skis are held. Whether for World Cup level racing, fitness skiing, cruising, metal-edge touring, or cross country downhill, Madshus continues to apply that same keen craftsman’s eye to each ski, boot, and pole it produces. Over 100 years since it’s founding, Madshus’ storied commitment to the art and craft of ski making resonates today in the same consistent standard of excellence all performance Madshus skiers have come to expect.