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Manzella Field and Force Gloves Perfect For Play

For the first time ever, gloves designed for the military, police, and hunting and shooting will be on display at Manzella, providing retailers with a unique crossover selling opportunity.

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Manzella Brings “Equipment” Designed for Military, Police, Hunting and Shooting Sports to OR To Answer Crossover Demand

BUFFALO, NY (August 10, 2006) — In response to growing demand from outdoor sports enthusiasts, Manzella will bring its field and force gloves to Summer Market. For the first time ever, gloves designed for the military, police, and hunting and shooting sports will be on display, providing retailers with a unique crossover selling opportunity.

“The outdoor consumer is discovering the value of a glove designed for and with elite branches of the military and police — gloves that these branches view as equipment not accessories,” explained Lou Fliszar, vice president of sales. “For the retailer these versatile gloves are equally salable for work or play.”

Serious Equipment For Serious Work
Manzella “handgineers” work closely with a variety of military and police forces including, Navy SEALS, SWAT operation forces, the Coast Guard, bike and beach patrol officers and police forces across the country to develop the ultimate in hand gear. Mindful of how critical top performing gloves are in these fields, Manzella’s approach is to design equipment not accessories. Every style of glove is designed with specific technical requirements to enhance hand motion and provide superior performance.

Double Duty Gloves
These field and force warm weather gloves are now doing double duty for a multitude of spring and summer outdoor activities including: road cycling, mountain biking, rope climbing and orienteering, summer ski racing training, bouldering, dog training and evening and high altitude hiking.

Manzella’s Rider, a fingerless deerskin glove with gel paks on the palm
is a glove of choice for bike patrol officers and everyday cyclists as well. The Gunner, a handwear staple for many police forces, and SWAT-10, a glove designed for SWAT operations are both being used on Mount Hood this summer for ski racing training. The All DUTY offers the ultimate in dexterity, enabling officers to work a computer and complete paperwork and allowing outdoor enthusiasts to operate a cell phone and adjust equipment. Other warm weather force gloves being embraced by outdoor enthusiasts include the Hybrid, Instructor, X-Static-40 and X-Static-10.

Manzella is inexhaustible in its desire to understand, enhance and advance the oneness of hand, glove and activity. With the mission of creating gloves that are equipment, not accessories to clothing, Manzella serves several markets, offering gloves with authentic end use characteristics for the outdoor, ski, snowboard, recreation/work, hunting, shooting sports, force and uniformed work segments. Manzella is located in Buffalo, New York. Visit


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