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Men Get Their Mojo Ridin': Not Your Average Spin Class: ' X-Biking®

X-BIKING®,'Gains Momentum in US Gyms Mojo Ridin': X-Biking is an all-immersive, true cross-training experience that can deliver a 500-calorie workout in 30 minutes

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Where the Boys Are: “We’ve been wondering how to get men into ‘group exercise’ classes and finally we’ve found the perfect piece of equipment, the Trixter Total Body X-Bike—30% to 50% of our X-Bikers are MEN

~ Melissa Thomas, Group Fitness Director of California Family Fitness

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San Francisco, CA – The Trixter Total Body X-Bike® is changing the way people think about exercise. The X-Biking movement has redefined the indoor cycling workout by engaging the upper body and core musculature while the legs do the pedaling. The exercise offers enhanced total body fitness benefits while bringing the natural movements of outdoors cycling indoors. X-Biking classes offer a fun, fully immersive, highly efficient way to get fit, fast.

The phenomenon of X-Biking, a natural evolution to spinning, has taken off all across the US with over 120 fitness clubs filling their group cycling studios with the Total Body X-Bike 1000. Trixter certified X-Biking instructors present as many as 5 classes a day to X-Biking enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Currently, there are 10,000 X-Bikes being used in health clubs, gyms, rehabilitation centers, spas, home gyms and schools worldwide.

“Most men want to exercise their upper-body more than their lower-body,” said Alec Dinner, Trixter’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Some won’t even do ‘cardio’ because they only have a limited time to exercise and all they really want is to look ‘ripped’ when they take their shirts off. X-Biking is perfect because they can get a mind-blowing total-body functional workout with targeted training for the arms, legs and core, all while burning up to 500 calories per class. Aerobics’ style group exercise programs hold ZERO appeal for men. When you go X-Biking you get to literally rock the next-generation Trixter X-Bikes. Riding them, as we like to say, is far from stationary.”

The X-Bike is considered the safest studio cycle available because riders can fully control every aspect of how the X-Bike rides. In addition to the free wheel drive, which allows the rider to instinctively ‘coast,’ just like riding outdoors, the bike’s shifting mechanism is integrated into the grip on the X-Bars so there is no interruption in movement to change the pedal resistance. These safety features make it an ideal choice for the often overlooked de-conditioned, older and injury rehabilitation groups as well as children, families, and serious outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Get Your Mojo Ridin’
The Mojo behind the X-Bike is the X-Bars, a unique patented handlebar mechanism on the front of the bike that the rider moves from side to side against adjustable resistance creating a natural rhythmic movement not possible on any other indoor fitness bike. The X-Bike provides functional, total-body, low-impact cardio conditioning as well as core and lower back strengthening, and even balance and coordination training.

A full range of X-Biking DVD’s allow X-Biking enthusiasts to workout on their own time schedule in the privacy of their homes. Recently launched in the US for the home fitness market the Total Body X-Bike 600 is mobile (stores and travels easily) and utilizes the best quality manufacturing and components, so it’s extremely durable. It retails for $1,195.

X-Biking, a Business Perspective
“In comparison to other group exercises (even our other indoor cycling programs) the thing that strikes me most about our X-Bikers is they are all very passionate,” says Thomas. “There are three key things that stand out about X-Biking from a business perspective: X-Bikers have found a way to put fitness into their weekly routine thus making it an essential part of their daily lives, a core goal of any health club manager; X-Biker’s see tremendous results, fast, meaning people are fully realizing their fitness goals which keeps them coming back for more and has them telling others how they did it; and, lastly, a more than welcome surprise for Group Fitness in general, between 30% and 50% of our X-Bikers are men, broadening our participant base tremendously.”

“Simple economics dictates that ‘members’ are the most important element in operating a profitable commercial health and fitness facility,” said Dinner. “Most clubs are in a pitched battle in a highly competitive landscape to develop new membership and retain their existing members. Successful group exercise programs, like X-Biking, that offer a fun, engaging fitness experience and attracts participation across the entire membership range, are the number one retention tool. The most important membership development tool is clear differentiation from the competition. If other clubs in a market have ‘spin,’ then a club offering Total-Body X-Biking will have a distinct competitive advantage.”

About Trixter:
Founded in 2000, Trixter Developments Ltd. designs, manufactures, and markets indoor cycling equipment and programs built to energize people of all ages and enhance their health and fitness. Trixter Developments Ltd. is based in Wiltshire, England and serves as the company’s corporate and new product development headquarters. Trixter North America, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Trixter Developments Ltd. is based in Redwood City, California and serves as the global marketing sales headquarters for the Americas. For additional information, visit All American inquiries please call 650.364.7525 and e-mail All Euro-Asian inquiries please call (44) 1249.700.604 and e-mail The X-Bike® and X-Biking® are registered trademarks of the Trixter Group.

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