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Mile High Mountaineering Offers Program to Help Retailers Boost Sales

“We’ve Got Your Back”: Mile High Mountaineering Will Offer a Grassroots Incentive Program to Help Retail Shops Boost Sales in Spring 2011 Pack Launch

Denver, CO, August 31st, 2010- Spring of 2011 will be the highly anticipated release of the new line of hiking backpacks and accessories from Mile High Mountaineering. To help retail stores promote the release of these new packs, MHM will offer a 2 level program dubbed “Feel the Mile High Difference”, for all stores that carry their packs. As a new pack company, in a very competitive market, this effort is meant to highlight the young, grassroots culture of the company by getting retail employees and customers excited about these innovative packs. In turn, this will help the retail stores move inventory more efficiently. The first level of the incentive program is to get retail sales employees using the new packs by offering them a deal that out-“deals” pro-deals everywhere. The second level will give customers incentive to try the packs by offering a free accessory with the purchase of every pack. By getting both the retail employees and customers eager about the new line of packs, MHM anticipates a successful first launch.

MHM will offer three different pack models in their first year- the 38 liter Flatiron, 55 liter Divide and 80 liter Fifty-Two 80. The first level of “Feel the Mile High Difference” is a Retail Employee Purchase Program (REPP), aimed at getting these new packs on the backs of retail employees. MHM’s REPP program will give retail sales employees the opportunity to buy ANY of their packs and accessories. The REPP provides the following options/packages to all employees of approved MHM dealers…
• Option 1: Purchase ANY pack for only $69 each
• Option 2: Purchase ANY accessory for only $8 each
• Package 1: Purchase ALL 3 packs (1 of each) for only $199 TOTAL
• Package 2: Purchase ALL accessories (1 of each) for only $60 TOTAL
• Package 3: Purchase the ENTIRE line (1 of each pack & accessory) for only $260 TOTAL
So for the price of one pack, REPP offers retail employees MHM’s entire line of products! MHM feels that their REPP will encourage retail employees to get excited about their packs, use them, and in turn pass that enthusiasm directly to the customer.

The second level of “Feel the Mile High Difference” offers an incentive for customers to try an MHM pack. MHM will give every customer who buys one of their packs a FREE medium compression stacker sac (a $30 retail value). This is a great deal for the customer and retailer. It also helps MHM show that they are not just promoting a new pack line but have also developed a great packing system of accessories to go with their packs. This promotional program will be great for the retailers and will help boost their sales. In addition, the store will not have to front anything for the free compression sac. MHM will match and ship a medium compression stacker for every pack ordered by the store for the them to pass along to each customer that chooses to “Feel the Mile High Difference”. No vouchers, coupons or rebates so it will be easy and hassle-free to the store and customer. This promotion will last for the entire spring and summer of 2011 (March 1st through August 31st).

MHM’s packs already have more features than most their competitors, including an integrated rainfly, which few packs have but cost an extra $30-$40 in most stores. Given the great REPP program for retail employees, feature-rich packs at a competitive price, and the free compression stacker sac, MHM is confident it can establish itself right out of the gate as a progressive high-end pack maker and help it’s retailers move inventory with ease.

Mile High Mountaineering was founded in 2009 to design and develop some of the finest and most innovative hiking backpacks in the world. MHM offers fresh thinking and unique products for a younger crowd of outdoor buffs. Welcome to the new, youthful generation of backpacks!

If you would like more information about Mile High Mountaineering and “Feel the Mile High Difference” or would like to schedule an interview please contact Jeff Popp at 720-641-7117 or e-mail him at