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MIO Holding In-Booth Product Demos at Interbike

VANCOUVER, Canada (September 17, 2013) MIO Global, a pioneer in wearable performance heart rate monitoring technology, is holding in-booth demos at Interbike, September 18-20, to allow attendees to experience firsthand the full functionality of the MIO Alpha sport watch.

The MIO Alpha is the world’s first performance-level, continuous heart rate sport watch without a chest strap, and throughout the tradeshow, MIO athletes will be on-hand to demonstrate the watch’s capabilities and the benefits of heart rate training at Booth #27173.

Every hour, a MIO athlete will perform one of two 15-minute demos on a stationary bike while wearing a MIO Alpha watch. The first is a timed high intensity interval training, where the athlete will start at resting, engage in a warm up phase, cycle six one-minute active rounds with a one-minute rest period between each, and then have a three minute cool down. The second is a ramp protocol, in which the athlete will start at resting, engage in a warm up, and then cycle with increasing resistance and intensity every three minutes until a target heart rate is reached.

Heart rate results of these demos will be pulled into a monitor via a real-time data transfer from various fitness apps so spectators can follow along. After each demo, those in attendance are encouraged to try the demo out for themselves, and participants will be entered to win two MIO Alpha watches and two race packs of MIO swag.

For more information on MIO Global and the MIO Alpha, swing by Booth #27173 at Interbike or visit

About MIO Global

MIO Alpha is the latest brainchild of founder and CEO, Liz Dickinson who has always strived to make heart rate training accessible in a form factor that works for athletes at all levels. MIO Alpha is the first and only sport watch to provide continuous, accurate heart rate monitoring at performance levels – without a chest strap. Its launch generated buzz and industry recognition, including the CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award. MIO Alpha’s ability to connect via Bluetooth® Smart to apps and devices opens the door to a wealth of personal and social training tools.

When Liz embarked on an ambitious fitness training program back in 1999, she quickly realized heart rate training was the most efficient, effective way to train. But the market only offered chest straps and they felt too uncomfortable. Leveraging her technology and marketing expertise, Liz created MIO: the world’s first heart rate monitor sport watch – with no chest strap.

Since then, MIO has continued to deliver breakthrough HR monitoring technology and has grown into a multi-million dollar company with global sales and a team of star performers.