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MIPS Creates North American Advisory Board Focusing on Brain Safety in

MIPS AB announces the creation of a North American advisory board, which will focus on opportunities to improve helmet safety standards in the NHL and NFL. Two key appointees, Ken Yaffe and Pär Arvidsson will lead the board.

June 5, 2012 (Stockholm, SWE) – MIPS AB, a leader in helmet safety technology, announces the creation of a North American advisory board, aimed at opening a dialogue about helmet safety advancements with key stakeholders in the sports industry. Two key appointees, Ken Yaffe, a long-time executive at the National Hockey League and Pär Arvidsson, an expert in emerging growth companies will identify partnership opportunities with helmet manufacturers, specifically targeting ice hockey and American football markets.

“Our hope is for MIPS brain protection system to be a non-negotiable ingredient in any sport that requires a helmet,” says MIPS CEO, Niklas Steenberg. “This brain technology is globally patented and fully functional to be implemented into helmets for every kind of sport. We will be working closely with Ken and Pär to best position the MIPS system in key sports segments to fulfill our mission to advance player and participant safety.”

The frequency at which athletes are suffering concussions in sports suggests that protective helmet technology needs to be greatly improved. MIPS offers a unique solution that is scientifically proven to reduce the risks of brain injuries. The patented Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a revolutionary brain protection system used to create the safest helmets on the market. Concussions in sports such as ice hockey and American football are often caused by angled impacts that create rotational violence within the brain. MIPS utilizes a low-friction layer on the inside of the helmet liner to absorb significant levels of the energy created by both unilateral or oblique blows to the head. By mimicking the brain’s own protective mechanisms, MIPS has been shown to minimize brain injuries and has already been adopted in cycling and snow sports helmets with top brands such as POC Sports, SCOTT Sports, Sweet Protection, TSG, and Lazer Sports.

Ken Yaffe, President of Yaffe Sports Ventures, LLC, has 20 years of executive experience in the NHL managing the league’s international media, live events, marketing and consumer product licensing businesses. Yaffe served as the senior vice president and managing director of NHL International before most recently working as the senior advisor to the league’s Deputy Commissioner, managing league business matters.

Pär Arvidsson has over 20 years of experience as an investor and general manager of emerging growth companies. He is the founder and active Managing Director of Snowshoe Capital, an investment and advisory firm and has founded multiple companies. Prior to Snowshoe Capital, Arvidsson was Co-Founder and Managing Director of GameChange Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund. Pär is a former member of the Swedish National Swimming Team, he won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1980, and established new world records.

MIPS is the global leader in helmet safety technologies with its revolutionary and patented MIPS Brain Protection System (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). MIPS supplies its patented MIPS system to manufacturers of motorcycle, equestrian, ice hockey, American football, bike and ski/snowboarding helmets all over the world. MIPS was founded in 2001 and has its roots in biomechanical and neuroscience research at the Royal Institute of Technology and the Karolinska University Hospital Institute in Sweden, two of the world’s leading technical and medical universities. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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