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MOG Fest Presents Telluride MountainFilm on Tour & LOKI Nite 5

MOG Fest 2010 presents Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour & LOKI Nite 5 Saturday, April 10th at the Mesa Theater in downtown Grand Junction, CO.

(Grand Junction, CO – April 3, 2010) MOG Fest 2010 presents Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour & LOKI Nite 5 Saturday, April 10th at the Mesa Theater in downtown Grand Junction, CO.

• Date: Saturday, April 10, 2010
• Time(s): 6:30 Doors Open, 7pm Mountainfilm, 9pm LOKI Nite
• Location: Mesa Theater, 538 Main St
• Admission: $10 (covers both/either events)
• Ages: All ages, Sky Bar 21+

As a continuation of the day’s MOG Outdoor Gear Sale & COPMOBA Bike Swap, MOG Fest 2010 brings you a special preview of hand-selected, award-winning Telluride MountainFilm on Tour short films and LOKI Nite 5 with hip-hop band “Shogunz” and punk-rock band “Loaded 45”! The evening is open to all ages and ticket sales will benefit the western Colorado art community.

LiveSauce Media from Telluride, CO will be live-streaming Mountainfilm & LOKI Nite 5. The following websites will be hosting the live-stream:

According to MountainFilm on Tour, “Each year, a selection of films from the international film festival are taken on the road to reach audiences who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to experience the festival. Those films display themes of adventure, mountaineering, remarkable personalities and important environmental and social messages.”

In the spirit of the MOG Fest, the following adventurous, high-octane, humorous and inspiring short films have been hand-selected to thrill the audience beginning at 7pm. More information about the films can be found at
• The Red Helmet (5min, USA): a young child’s fears are transformed by a red helmet
• History Making ‘Farming on the Move’ (7min, USA): a watermelon farmer’s unique message of sustainable farming and character-building
• Revolution One (10min, USA): a radical film about extreme, off-road unicycling
• Bridal Veil Falls (10min, USA): Blind man, Erik Weihenmayer and amputee, Chad Jukes summit Telluride’s Bridal Veil Falls, the highest free-falling waterfall in Colorado
• Look to the Ground (7min, Canada): the story of blind mountain biker, Bobby McMullen
• Western Spaghetti (2min, USA): fun, eclectic, animated short film
• Samsara (19min, USA): The sacred peak, Meru – located in the knife-sharp Vindhya Mountains in India – is a 6,500-foot rock route, said in mythology to be the center of the universe. All-star climbing team Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk set out to attempt a first ascent
• The Sharp End (10min, USA): Climbers Dean Potter, Tommy Caldwell and Lisa Rands take on beautiful lines and locations, including the iconic Diamond in Colorado, Czech Republic, French Alps and the Utah desert
• Deep/Shinsetsu (4min, Japan): Filmed in Japan after a 100-year storm, this short is a melodic and meditative portrait of skiing chest-deep powder. Stripped of voice-overs, jibbers, helicopters or hip-hop music, it cuts straight to the wash of white and the joy of bounding through bottomless snow
• Papiroflexia (3min, USA): Masterful animation short accompanied by the music of Nick Fevol

Attendees will also be privy to a special 5min showing of the Riverfront Foundation’s Love That River. This short documentary explores the Riverfront Project’s past, present and future with the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers in Mesa County. It also touches on Mesa County’s $1.5M commitment to connecting Palisade to Loma by way of the riverfront trail system over the next 3 years. According to Bennett Boeschenstein, Riverfront Commission member, ”It’s very exciting! There’s lots of energy behind it again.”

Then the night’s festivities rev up a notch with LOKI Nite 5! Catch the palpable energy of this local manufacturer’s annual benefit live music jam with bands “Shogunz” (hip-hop) and “Loaded 45” (punk-rock). The concert is open to all ages (21+ at the Sky Bar). Admission is $10 or free with Mountainfilm entrance. The western Colorado art community will benefit from the night’s ticket sales.

On the heels of LOKI co-founder, Seth Anderson’s avalanche accident, LOKI Nite 5 will be a special celebration you won’t want to miss. Plans are in-works for Seth to address the audience via live remote! Reports Anderson, “Thanks to the whole community for treating me so well – and for supporting the outdoor scene by coming to the MOG Fest & LOKI Nite.”

Telluride MountainFilm on Tour & LOKI Nite 5 Sponsors include:
• All Metals Welding
• Doubletree Hotel
• Grand Junction Free Press
• First National Bank of the Rockies
• Insurance Planning Alternatives
• LOKI Outdoor Gear (title sponsor)
• Monument Graphics
• Mountain Khakis
• Rockslide Brew Pub
• Summit Canyon Mountaineering
• US Bank

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