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Mojo Products Launches Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker At Outdoor Retailer

Durango, Colo. (July 18, 2016) – Mojo Products, a solar-powered lifestyle brand based in the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado, is officially launching its new solar-powered Bluetooth devices at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in August 3-6th 2016. Offerings include the Mojo Box, a solar-powered, portable, Bluetooth speaker system that can play up to 30 hours of music and charge 4 phones, and the Mojo Cooler featuring a fully waterproof, very powerful and solar-powered Bluetooth speaker system that easily zips away from a soft cooler shoulder bag.

Mojo Products: Infinite Power, Light and Sound in the outdoors.

Born where the suns shines strong, the rivers run deep and the snows falls aplenty, Mojo Products is the fun-loving subsidiary of a 10+ year residential and commercial solar company, Solar Works, based in Durango, CO. Equally passionate about solar energy and his outdoor lifestyle, Founder Derek Wadsworth sought to create one do-it-all device that would play music, protect his stuff and charge all of his devices during his multi-day river trips and backcountry escapes. The result is the revolutionary Mojo Box.

What the heck is a Mojo Box?

The Mojo Box is a solar-powered, portable Bluetooth speaker that harnesses the sun to rock your tunes and charge any device. The 8000ma battery can play up to 30 hours of music and charge 4 phones, only to be recharged by the sun once depleted. Finally a device you don’t have to plug in that can also charge your devices!

The Mojo Box can be charged from the wall or from the sun thanks to the most efficient solar technology on the market. Equipped with a powerful 8000ma battery, equivalent to over 5 phone batteries combined, the Mojo Box can rock for an impressive 30 hours and charge up to 4 devices. Just face the panel towards the sun to power up and play endless hours of music and charge your electronics in the backcountry, on the river or in your backyard. The Mojo Box helps you to always be charging wherever your adventures take you.

Other handy features include a 3-mode LED flashlight and an innovative “dry box” compartment that is extremely durable and weather resistant. The reversible top half of the Mojo Box contains the electronic components, Bluetooth speaker system, and the high-efficiency solar panel on the inverse side. The bottom half of the box stores and protects your belongings from the elements, or it can be left behind when not in use.

The Mojo Box comes in four colors: Black, Red, Green and Blue, and sells for $159 at

Debuting for the first time at Outdoor Retailer is the Mojo Cooler, which features a fully waterproof, very LOUD and solar-powered Bluetooth speaker system that easily zips away from a soft cooler shoulder bag. Perfect for a beach or river trip, the Mojo Cooler is guaranteed to party longer that you can.

Mojo Products will be exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer in the Pavilion (Booth #PV3334). Email or call to set up an appointment and learn more at:, or follow us on Facebook @MojoProducts @and Instagram



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