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Moms Get a Makeover Sans Plastic Surgery with Stroller Strides

Within the Stroller Strides program, Druxman teaches new moms how to avoid the post-pregnancy plastic surgery.

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A pregnant woman is often praised for her fresh-faced glow and curvaceous frame, but postpartum, she’s almost immediately met with less-than-desirable descriptors like jelly belly, drooping boobies and thunder thighs. It’s no wonder plastic surgeons are now on speed dial in the delivery room to take calls for another “Mommy Makeover” – a popular plastic surgery package being actively marketed to moms.

Is this invasive set of procedures – also dubbed the “Mom Job” – a woman’s only hope for regaining her pre-baby body and society’s respect?

“Absolutely not,” says Lisa Druxman, LEAN MOMMY author, Pampers Parenting Institute member, and founder of Stroller Strides, the nation’s largest and fastest growing exercise program for new moms and their babies. “Women are being conditioned to believe that going under the knife is the only way to tighten, tone and lose weight following pregnancy, and this simply isn’t true.”

Within the Stroller Strides program, Druxman teaches new moms how to avoid the post-pregnancy plastic surgery “trifecta” – typically consisting of a breast implant or lift, tummy tuck and liposuction – through healthy eating and targeted exercises that can be done with baby in tow.

She offers the following alternatives to moms looking to re-shape their post-baby body without succumbing to a surgery overhaul:

COMMON MOMMY COMPLAINT: “My previously full breasts have fallen flat!”
MOMMY MAKEOVER SANS SURGERY TIPS: Many moms are often sad to find their full breasts looking empty or deflated, explains Druxman. The hormones and lactation tissue cause breasts to swell during pregnancy, and though they should return to regular size after baby, they may look different because the skin has been stretched. Given a little time, fat deposits may restore. What’s most important is to wear a good bra, as gravity definitely causes sagging breasts. No magic cream or drug or exercise will re-inflate or lift sagging breast tissue, but there are some options to improve appearance. Push-Ups (pictured) are a great way to build muscle tissue under the breast tissue. Also focus on some upper back exercises, like scapular retractions, which will improve your posture and help you open up your chest. Simply squeeze shoulder blades back and then together. Obtain an exercise tube and do some row exercises for added benefit.

COMMON MOMMY COMPLAINT: “I can’t get rid of my post-baby tummy pooch!”
MOMMY MAKEOVER SANS SURGERY TIPS: This is probably the most common complaint, explains Druxman. Virtually every mom is left with some “jelly belly” after baby. While dieting is not appropriate just after pregnancy, you will see dramatic changes in fat loss if you eat clean, whole foods like vegetables, fiber and lean proteins and stay away from sugars and processed foods. That pooch is just a fatty deposit; to burn a pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories. Start exercising slowly and continue to build up gradually. In addition to diet and calorie-burning through exercise, it’s important to start activating the muscles of the abdominal area again, since they’ve been stretched and have lost strength during pregnancy. Think about hollowing out your tummy by bringing the muscles in toward your spine, without holding your breath. Stay conscious of your abdominals by creating an invisible “girdle” for yourself throughout daily movement; this will help narrow your waistline. A great exercise to begin addressing the abdominal area is a Reverse Curl (pictured). This can be done while lying in front of your child’s stroller with your head at the wheel; holding on to an object behind you helps to align the body for this exercise. Start with a very small range of motion and only increase if you can keep your abs engaged.

COMMON MOMMY COMPLAINT: “I’m carrying too much extra baggage in my hips and thighs!”
MOMMY MAKEOVER SANS SURGERY TIPS: For some reason, leftover pregnancy weight ends up on our hips and thighs, explains Druxman. Sometimes we don’t notice these areas enlarging because we had such a large stomach to distract from it! There is no way to spot reduce, but, again, a clean diet and regular exercise is essential. Make your body as metabolically effective as possible by eating several mini-meals throughout the day, as every time you eat, you spark your metabolism. Plenty of raw vegetables and natural foods, such as fruits and legumes, will energize your body as they’re metabolized. If I had to pick one “magic” exercise for hips and thighs, it would definitely be the Lunge (pictured). It’s a great way to work hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads, and you can always change it up by adding a knee lift, hip extension, or turning it into a walking lunge. Another favorite, great for lifting glutes, is the Step Up. Place one foot on a sturdy bench or step and lift your body up, just tapping your foot and controlling the lower down.

All of these post-baby body hot spots are addressed in Stroller Strides classes offered nationwide and in Lisa Druxman’s book, LEAN MOMMY. To schedule an interview with Lisa Druxman, please contact Jordan at On the Horizon Communications (805) 773-1000 or email

Stroller Strides classes are offered in more than 600 locations nationwide. The hour-long classes emphasize cardiovascular activities and muscle-strengthening exercises using resistance bands and strollers, allowing moms to interact with their babies throughout their workout. Stroller Strides franchises are available for those interested in a home-based, family-friendly business. To further assist mothers in all aspects of their lives, Stroller Strides partners with Stride Rite®, LUNA® and BOB™. For more information about Stroller Strides, including class locations, visit

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