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Montrail to be presenting sponsor of Western States Endurance Run

Montrail announces five-year commitment to partner, promote, and provide product for the Western States Endurance 100 Mile Run (WS 100).

(Portland)—Montrail announces five-year commitment to partner, promote, and provide product for the Western States Endurance 100 Mile Run (WS 100). “The WS 100 and Montrail will work together to build on the 30 plus year history and achievement that runners have experienced at WS,” said Tim Twietmeyer, WS 100 President. WS 100 is a pure guts race of raw endurance and the perfect partner for Montrail to connect with its core consumers.

“We’re extremely proud to be the presenting sponsor of Western States 100 and to associate the Montrail brand and culture with the world’s premier ultra event. We are solidifying our commitment and heritage to the sport by sponsoring the main event,” said Scott Tucker, General Manager for Montrail.

In partnership with WS 100, Montrail announces six qualifier races for the 2007 WS 100 through its Montrail UltraCup Race Series. Each race in the UltraCup is also a premier stand alone event: White River 50, Mt. Masochist 50, Sunmart 50, Way Too Cool 50K, American River 50, and Miwok 100K. Montrail will leverage its ultrarunning sponsorships and its athletes to inspire all runners through a mix of print, web and television media partners. For more information on the Montrail UltraCup Race Series, prizes and qualifying guidelines for Western States, please visit

Montrail’s elite team of 85 ultrarunners located throughout the United States look forward to competing with their peers at WS 100. Andy Jones-Wilkins, 2nd at WS 100 in 2005 and top ten perennial favorite, says it best, “I am so proud and excited that Montrail is taking on the sponsorship of Western States. It is long overdue. We have always been the strongest proponent of ultrarunning in the corporate world and now it is undisputed.”

About Western States:
Running 100 miles is considered to be the toughest test of human endurance on the planet. Western States is the oldest and best known 100-mile trail run in the world. The race starts along the Western States Trail at Squaw Valley, California, and ends in Auburn, California, for a total of 100 miles. The race begins with a climb of 2,550 vertical feet in the first 4½ miles and follows the original trails used by gold and silver miners of the 1850’s. Finishers in less than 24 hours receive the cherished and much sought after “silver belt buckle”. For more information about WS 100 visit

About Montrail:
Through innovation, dedication and a personal knowledge of the sport, Montrail has been at the leading edge of trail running shoe development since 1988. Montrail is, and will continue to be, an integral part of the ultrarunning family. Whether it’s developing and promoting trail shoes, working an aid station, or pacing a runner through the last 38 miles at WS 100, Montrail and its employees are fully engaged in the sport and project a genuine and sincere love of the sport of ultrarunning. For more information on Montrail and its products, visit

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