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MyTopo Adds Lake Contour Depths to Custom Map Layers

Trimble Outdoors Continues to Improve the Best Custom Map Option on the Market

MyTopo maps can now be printed with lake depth contour overlays for over 6,900 lakes in 46 States. These new lake maps provide boaters and anglers with underwater terrain details to navigate lakes and find fish.

Features and Benefits of the new map layer include:

-MyTopo lake maps cover the most popular fishing spots for walleye and bass.

-The full list of lakes can be viewed on the state page at:

-Most lake contours are in 3- and 10- foot intervals and in some cases are as precise as 1- and 2- feet.

-The depth contours can be printed in five different sizes (from 18″ x 24″ to 5′ x 8′), on three different base layers (topo, aerial, hybrid), and on four paper formats (waterproof, glossy, laminate, banner).

-Waterproof maps are great in the boat or as a glossy print for your garage or office.

-This premium map overlay is available now for an extra $5. Map prices start at $9.95. Learn more and build your map at:

About MyTopo:
MyTopo stands out in the mapping industry for its commitment to perfecting and building upon the traditional USGS topographic map. The company continues to add the ability to layer new data on the original topographic maps, without removing the contours and symbols that are part of the authentic USGS map. MyTopo allows customers to create up-to-date topographic maps without sacrificing any details from the original Government-produced topographic maps. In addition, MyTopo allows these up-to-date map layers to be added to aerial photography maps and the company’s unique hybrid TopoPhoto maps.