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NAORSChx2012 Gear of the Show – The Winners Are…

So it's a little late. Whatever. The Guy(s) was(were) busy, okay?

NAORSChx2012 ended recently, and the crack team of gear-testing fool(s) got their head(s) together to whip out their top picks for NAORSChx2012 Gear of the Show.

Of course there a a flurry of awards to share. Actually two plus a runner-up for one. Being a ruuner-up isn’t like winning an award, is it? But it makes mom proud, so what the hey.

The Guy(s): “We(I) spend a lot of time on this during Not At OR. Our investigative process involves an hour or so of careful research. This is heart-and-soul stuff. We live for the gear.”

And how do(es) he(they choose? “Totally randomly. Basically whoever sends us the best free stuff gets the top review. And if they advertise in our upcoming magazine*, they get a bitchin’ review right next to their ad.”

So let’s cut to the chase.

First, this NAORSChx’s runner up for the Big Kahuna Award (aka “The Winnie”). Click HERE to find out what took home the close-but-no-cigar runner-up not-quite-an-award, The Runnie.

And The Innie, the award for groundbreaking, revolutionary innovative innovation goes to something reallllly cool. Click right HERE to check out our Innie.

Ready to see the Big Kahuna? To see the King of all Not-at-OR gear?

Well, The Guy(s) are gonna make you wait and sweat and twist in the winds of unbearable curiosity.

But stay tuned – The Guy(s) actually got around to choosing something so it’ll be up any day now.


Oh yeah – in the Idea-That-Used-to-Be-Cool Departemnt: Dog of the Show.

*Please don’t actually expect a print publication from The Guy(s). The Guy(s) can barely step away from their gin and tonics to announce Gear of the Show winners from an event that ended a month and a half ago.

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