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NEMO’s Veda™ 2P Trekking Pole Tent Wins Best New Gear Award from Gear Institute

At the 2013 Summer Outdoor Retailer show, NEMO’s Veda™ 2P trekking pole tent that utilizes 4 trekking poles for increased livable space, strength and packability, garnered a lot of attention from retailers and media. At 2 lbs., 14 oz. and 35 sq. ft., it also captured the attention of Gear Institute’s editors with a Best New Gear Award.

“We were updating our award-winning Meta™ series trekking pole tents with our new 20D OSMO™ waterproof/breathable fabric and started talking about how we could maximize interior space and livability. The Metas™, which have performed very well, use one trekking pole for the one person model and two for the two person. Well, it struck us that since most people carry two poles, we should take advantage of that. By adding those extra poles into the design and integrating our new 20D OSMO™ w/b fabric, we were able to dramatically increase the interior volume without adding weight. The new design, Veda™, hits the magic combination of weight, packability and livable space you want on the trail. We’re thrilled that retailers and media are excited about Veda™ and think it will speak to many customers looking to lighten their backpack without giving up enjoyment and a good night’s sleep when they get to camp,” said Cam Brensinger, founder and CEO of NEMO.

NEMO’s Veda 2P incorporates livable space, strength and packability with its 4 trekking pole design.

Veda™ 2P
– The walls of the tent are mainly NEMO’s high-performance 20D OSMO™ waterproof/breathable fabric with a section of 3-layer wicking fabric above the head to manage condensation.
– 2 doors and vestibules eliminate jostling for position and give each person a generous area for gear storage.
– The vestibules can be rolled back with a shed-style overhang for weather protection and refreshing airflow.
– Oversized grommets locate the tips of crossed trekking poles and reinforced areas at the top of the tent anchor pole handles securely.
– Minimum weight: 2 lbs. 14 oz.

“Trekking pole tents—tents that use your walking sticks as support structures—are nothing new, but hikers are definitely beginning to catch on to the benefits of these tents that ditch some or all of their traditional poles in favor of the ones you’re already carrying. And no design better capitalized on the trend this year than NEMO’s Veda—the first we’ve seen that uses not one, not two, but four trekking poles to boost interior space and livability. With two doors, two vestibules, 35 square feet of interior space, and 42 inches of headroom, the lack of separate poles translates into some serious weight savings for a tent this big: The schlep weight is just 2-pounds, 14-ounces. $430,” Gear Institute editors.

NEMO continually looks for ways to improve the experience of adventure. The company’s entire 2014 line, including the new ultralight Astro™ and Cosmo™ Lite inflatable sleeping pad series and price point friendly Galaxi™ 2P tent will be available to retailers starting in January.

NEMO Equipment, Inc. is a New Hampshire-based outdoor gear manufacturer bringing high-level design and engineering to the outdoor industry. Founded in 2002 by Cam Brensinger, NEMO’s product line includes AirSupported® and traditional poled tents, sleeping bags, pads and accessories to enhance the outdoor experience. NEMO products can be found at specialty outdoor gear stores and online, across the US and internationally. For sales inquiries, please contact Brent Merriam, at, 603-236-7683.

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