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New Allied Resist-Down Keeps Heat In, Moisture Out

Los Angeles, CA (July 24, 2012) The world’s leading supplier of high quality down to the outdoor industry today announced another breakthrough in down technology: Allied Resist-Down, a water resistant down fill.

“As the down supplier to the world’s premier outdoor brands, we believe that it’s our responsibility to keep pushing the envelope in high end down processing,” according to Steve Uretsky, founder and president of Allied Feather & Down.

“Our research and development team has worked painstakingly with our partners to develop a treatment that actually improves on the superior insulating properties of natural down. Allied Resist-Down will not only keep you warm in severe cold, it will also help keep you dry when exposed to moisture.”

On the eve of the industry’s major trade show, Outdoor Retailer, Allied will unveil the new technology through a compelling product demonstration at The Salt Palace Convention Center, August 2-5, 2012. “Of course, no natural insulation is thoroughly waterproof,” explains Uretsky, “ but independent lab testing is returning stunning results. Not only does Allied Resist-Down keep you drier in wet conditions, it helps you stay warmer for a much longer period of time than untreated down.”

The new technology will be introduced in several garments that will be incorporated into late fall and winter apparel lines. As with all Allied products, the down will be held to the same rigorous environmental standards that earned Allied the industry’s first coveted bluesign® certification, ensuring compliance with the strictest requirements in the treatment of people and products.

Already a global leader in recycling of water used in cleaning and processing, Allied has launched global initiatives in supply chain management, the humane treatment of water fowl, and is working across international borders to establish full traceability and thorough transparency across its supply chain.