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New Body Fat Testers Make it Easy to Stay Fit and Fight the War on Fat

Sequoia Fitness Products USA has introduced two new body fat calipers to its line for consumers and trainers to monitor body fat %.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA has introduced two new body fat calipers for consumers and trainers to monitor body fat %. Body fat measurement is the best metric of health status for those interested in achieving superior fitness results.

The new Defender Body Fat Caliper is a precision mechanical body fat caliper that incorporates a Visual Pressure Indicator. Squeezing the caliper on the appropriate skinfold causes the Indicator to turn from red to green, letting you know that you have achieved the correct pressure. Included is an innovative Results Wheel Chart for easy lookup of body fat % after measurements are taken. To calculate body fat %, a user simply turns the wheel to line up measurements with one’s age. There are no cumbersome charts to interpret.

Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper is the first digital body fat measurement device to calculate body fat % as well as lean body mass. With a large screen, it displays user’s last and current results: Weight, Body Fat %, Lean Body Mass, and Upper, Middle, and Lower Measurements.

Matt Chalek, spokesperson for Sequoia Fitness, stated that the introduction of these two new body fat measurement devices, “really makes it easy for people to monitor their fitness levels. We gave users the choice of digitally accurate measurement with Warrior or quick and easy precision with Defender. All of our products are of the highest quality, surpassing the military standard of physical readiness. And, Sequoia Fitness Products USA is a registered supplier to the United States Government and Armed Forces.”

Other products in the Sequoia Fitness line include:

MetaCal BodyFat Caliper is the low cost accurate alternative (as low as $1). Proven for over 30 years, these come packed with a user manual including unique instructions to measure body fat % as well as measurement charts for males and females.

OrbiTape Body Mass Tape Measure is the bodybuilders and armed services choice for body tape measures. With Constant Tension Technology for accurate measurement, users can measure any body part with military precision. OrbiTape measures every body part including biceps with 1 hand. Forearms + Biceps + Chest + Waist + Abs + Thighs + Hips + Calves + More!

The Tonus Body Mass Calculator is the first digital handheld device (and the easiest way) to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index), Body Fat %, and Lean Body Mass. The formulas are built in and a single button controls all functions by populating the display with initial numbers. This calculator is a tool for those taking body fat measurements with tape measures or simple calipers to yield digital, accurate results

The Tonus PE Body Mass Index and Growth Calculator is designed for parents to monitor their children’s growth statistics and to help monitor against the onset of childhood obesity. The unit automatically calculates children’s: BMI, BMI Percentile (these measurements are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics), Height and Weight Percentiles, and Weight Status Category.

For more information or wholesale and distributor inquiries, please contact Matt Chalek at 720-339-5962, email, or see the new, enhanced web site at A printable pdf summary of the items is available at