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New Japanese Paper-Yarn Fabric, WA.CLOTH™ HYBRID, Introduced at ISPO

Innovative Paper Yarn Fabric Provides Exceptional Comfort and Performance


Tokyo, Japan – WA.CLOTH™ HYBRID, a comfortable and eco-friendly fabric made of paper-yarn, a natural filament fiber, made its debut at ISPO Munich last month.

The fabric has natural moisture management and its hollow fibers provide thermal regulation and lightness. With natural odour control and UV protection, WA.CLOTH™ HYBRID offers comfort across a range of conditions and the fabric remains strong and durable throughout extended wear and washing.

WA.CLOTH™ HYBRID is made from fast-growing inedible plants such as Abaca. The plant fiber is turned into high quality paper, which is then slit into thin strands. These thin strands are twisted to form paper-yarn that can be blended with other fibers depending upon the end use of the fabric.


Goldwin is the first brand to adopt WA.CLOTH™ HYBRID used in its C3Fit Paper Yarn socks.

For more information on WA.CLOTH™ HYBRID, contact Taku Komatsubara at or Andy Laycock,

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