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New LOWA Website Designed to Interact Between Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones


New LOWA Website Designed to Interact Between Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones

Stamford, Connecticut – October 13, 2015 – LOWA is launching their new website specially designed to give their audience the best access experience whether sitting in front of a desktop, holding a smart phone or using a tablet.

Looking back, May 2014 became a milestone for Internet search and usage. That is the month when mobile devices surpassed personal computers as a way to access the Internet. More Google search requests are now being made on mobile devices than on personal computers in the U.S. and in many other parts of the world. 

Looking forward, since SEO is a core component of Lowa’s digital marketing strategy, having a mobile–friendly website is essential.

“The need for this has been very evident as LOWA rolled out their 2015-2016 marketing campaign based on Where have you been in your LOWA’s that ties print and digital together,” commented Peter Sachs, general manager for LOWA in the U.S. “We realized the need to have everything flow easily and seamlessly between electronic devices.”

Interacting with websites on smartphones and tablets is very different from that of a mouse and a desktop computer monitor. Factors such as Click versus Touch, Screen-size, Pixel-resolution, support for Adobe’s Flash technology and optimized markup have become crucial while creating websites with Responsive Design.

Responsive Web Design is an approach of laying-out and coding a website such that the website provides an optimal viewing experience, i.e. ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to tablets and mobile phones.

LOWA Boots LLC, with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, is a partnership with LOWA Sportschuhe Gmbh founded in 1923 and based in Jetzendorf, Germany. The U.S. company, launched in 1996, sells, markets, and distributes a complete line of four season outdoor footwear for walking, hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering as well as everyday use. In addition, LOWA offers collections of specialized footwear for field sports and professional task force use.