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New MSR® Shelters Focus on Livable Lightweight Design

Cascade Designs, Inc. today announced new MSR shelters for 2011 and new segmentation of the MSR shelter line.

Seattle, U.S.A. – Cascade Designs, Inc., the Seattle-based industry leader in the design and manufacture of premier outdoor equipment, today announced new MSR shelters for 2011 and new segmentation of the MSR shelter line. The seven new models include: the Fast Stash™ two-person tent, the Twin Brothers™ four-to-six person shelter, the AC-Bivy™ sack, the Hoop™ two-person tent, the Holler™ three-person tent, the Gear Shed™ vestibule add-on and a versatile new group shelter called the Backcountry Barn™. The 2011 MSR tent line will be segmented into three new series: Essential™, Experience™ and Explore™.

“With the new MSR shelter segmentation for 2011, we’ve stepped away from a purely minimalist definition of fast and light to bring the essence of lightweight to every design, across all categories,” said Dale Karacostas, Division Director, Tents and Shelter, for Cascade Designs. “The new shelters for 2011 offer a unique versatility that make them customizable to different seasons and situations—some can be set up with trekking poles, others can be freestanding or not, and some can be set up with just fly and footprint for added weight efficiency. The commonality is that all MSR shelters are now lightweight for their class, while still chock-full of the livability and uncompromised integrity that MSR shelters are known for.”


The new Essential series showcases the lightest shelters in the MSR line. These ultralight tarp, wing and single-wall shelters are designed for minimalist backcountry travelers who seek only the essential elements of shelter needed to achieve their goals and prioritize light weight above all other specifications. The series consists of the new Fast Stash tent, established and redesigned tarps including the lightweight Zing™, E-Wing™ and Twing™ as well as the full-coverage, all-weather Twin Sisters™ shelter and the new four-to-six person Twin Brothers shelter. Also joining the Essential series is the lightweight, weather-resistant E-Bivy™ sack and the new waterproof, all-condition AC-Bivy sack.

New Products:

  • MSR Fast Stash – This versatile, ultralight shelter offers full protection and ample room for two in a single-wall body that pitches quickly with included poles or trekking poles for added weight efficiency. A front porch and adjustable side wings add external coverage and allow maximum ventilation in a broad spectrum of weather conditions. To stash gear for a day hike, poles can be pulled out to collapse shelter but re-pitched easily upon return. Minimum weight is only 2 pounds, 14 ounces (1.3 kilograms).
  • Twin Brothers – Big brother to the Twin Sisters shelter, this livable shelter provides all-weather protection for a group of up to six with a steep roof, large door, snow flaps and optional floor.
  • AC-Bivy – At only 1 pound (0.45 kilograms), this is one of the lightest bivies on the market, with all-condition waterproof protection. Zippered mesh closure allows maximum ventilation and bug protection.


The new Experience series features lightweight, double-walled shelters with full-featured protection and generous living spaces for those who seek a reliable, lightweight tent without sacrificing comfort and livability. These tents feature large doors, spacious vestibules, innovative designs and top-tier fabrics to ensure a quality camping experience. This versatile series consists of three new tents: the two-person Hoop, the three-person Holler and the four-to-five-person Backcountry Barn, as well as the premium, ultralight Carbon Reflex™ one-, two- and three-person tents and the all-time favorite Hubba™, Hubba Hubba™ and Mutha Hubba™ one-, two- and three-person tents. Also new to this series is the Gear Shed, an optional hooped vestibule that integrates with all Hubba and Hubba Hubba tents, expanding versatility and storage.

New Products:

  • MSR Hoop – Providing lightweight packability with ample space for two, the Hoop features two extra-large doors, two spacious vestibules, a gear loft and generous floor plan to accommodate larger mattresses and extra gear.
  • MSR Holler – Packed with do-it-all-utility, the Holler is the roomiest three-person backpacking tent in the MSR line. The Holler features two extra-large doors, two spacious vestibules, a gear loft and generous floor plan to accommodate larger mattresses and extra gear.
  • MSR Backcountry Barn – Bridging the gap between family camping tents and fast and light shelters, this is one of the lightest group tents for up to five people plus gear. A six-foot (188 centimeter) center height runs the length of the tent, while large windows at the front and rear allow great ventilation and a removable bathtub floor allows customized use of the interior.
  • MSR Gear Shed – This large, add-on hooped vestibule is compatible with all existing versions of the MSR Hubba and Hubba Hubba tents, allowing users to transform their lightweight backpacking tent to more of a front-country, car-camping tent when more room or gear storage is desired.


The new Explore series shelters are designed for those who push the boundaries of maps and human endeavor alike and require a shelter with the strength and durability to handle the world’s harshest environments with minimal weight and ample space. This series includes the ultralight, single-wall DragonTail™ tent, now redesigned with zippered overhead ventilation tunnel seals and new pole clips to ease set up, and the lightweight, double-wall Fury™ tent, the ultra-strong Asgard™ tent and the basecamp fortress for five-to-six people, the StormKing™ tent. The Fury and StormKing tents are also redesigned for 2011 with new pole clips for ease-of-setup and added ventilation between rainfly and canopy.

The new Essential, Experience and Explore series of MSR shelters will debut in Europe at the July 2010 OutDoor Trade Fair and in North America at the August 2010 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. The collections will be available in stores January 2011.

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