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New Retail Partnership Brings Relief to Rocky Mountain Occupational Wo

ColdAvenger® teams up with Murdoch's to offer cold-weather solution for workers

Talus Outdoor Technologies, LLC®, creator of the revolutionary ColdAvenger line of cold weather face masks, has announced a retail partnership with Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply in 15 store locations in the Rocky Mountain West.
A total of 648 units of the ColdAvenger Classic, Pro and Expedition will be shipped September 1, 2010. Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply provides quality, home and ranch goods. The ColdAvenger face mask is the ideal product for customers looking for face, lung and airway protection in cold environments.
“Murdoch’s asked us to help their customers solve the inherent problem of protection while working in cold climates,” says John Sullivan III, CEO of Talus. “The occupational worker who needs this product will be satisfied by how well the ColdAvenger protects the head, face and neck, as well as the lungs and airway, no matter how extreme the conditions are on the jobsite.”
“Murdoch’s is excited to partner with Talus to introduce the ColdAvenger to our customers,” says Chris Odegard, softgoods buyer for Murdoch’s. “With our store locations in the coldest states, it makes sense to provide the best quality face mask to the hardest working people in the country.”
The Cold Avenger’s medical-grade polyurethane nose and mouth chamber mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air to achieve a dynamic balance of warmth and humidity while keeping moisture away from the face. The fabric is windproof, water resistant, and has a comfortable stretch to fit the face, ears and neck. The Talus ColdAvenger’sâ„¢ patent-pending ventilation technology actually keeps temperatures inside the mask 40° – 60° higher than outside.
Murdoch’s is the ranch and home supply store in Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado that carries everything from name-brand boots and clothing to panels, tools and pet supplies. Murchoch’s sells things that are built to last. Things that offer good value. Things that are hard to find, and things that are just what you need. These are the kinds of products that you’ll find here at Murdoch’s. Not a lot of fluff, not a lot of unnecessary plastic objects. We like to think of it as a department store for real people.

Founded and headquartered in Missoula, Montana, Talus Outdoor Technologies™ is a leading innovator in technologically-advanced outdoor gear. Talus is dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts Stay Out Longer.™ In 2007, Talus introduced the ColdAvenger®, an advanced, high-quality cold weather protection mask developed by a physician and a skier. The ColdAvenger® is the result of more than two years of research and development testing in Northern Rocky Mountain winters to achieve four functional goals: thermal comfort, ventilation adequacy, moisture control and ease of breathing during exercise. Talus is proud to provide an elite product while being socially and environmentally conscious. Follow us on Twitter: and Facebook: