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New SCARPA liner program makes ski boots fit better, pack out less

The world’s most experienced thermo-liner manufacturer, the world’s best thermo-moldable materials, and SCARPA’s innovative design will combine in 2007 to create the world’s most amazing family of ski boot liners available.

BOULDER, Colo. – The world’s most experienced thermo-liner manufacturer, the world’s best thermo-moldable materials, and SCARPA’s innovative design will combine in 2007 to create the world’s most amazing family of ski boot liners available.

The new Intuitionâ„¢ liner program – exclusive to SCARPA in telemark and alpine-touring boots – is built using the proven, super-resilient, Ultralonâ„¢ foam. Ultralon is sought out by the world’s best ski racers and high-altitude mountaineers for its superior fit, precision, light weight and warmth. The SCARPA Intuition liner program also means better fit, both out of the box and after they are custom-molded.

SCARPA Intuition liners will come lasted in half-size increments – in both men’s- and women’s-specific lasts – and factory-molded in the shell for which they are intended. This provides incredible fit and unsurpassed out-of-the-box comfort compared to any liner available. SCARPA Intuition liners also are custom moldable. Once molded, they provide a perfect impression of the foot – supporting and stabilizing most any foot with minimal ‘boot-fitting’ required. In addition, they retain their shape with minimal pack-out compared to any other liner available. Combined with their lighter weight and limitless re-molds, these liners have no equal.

The secret lies in SCARPA Intuition liner foam, which is Ultralon closed-cell EVA foam versus the polyethelene (PE) and open-cell foam found in most other backcountry boot liners. Ultralon is a more resilient, higher-quality foam. It is a much denser closed-cell foam, so it is very resistant to compaction, very warm and very lightweight. Because of those properties, and because it holds its shape well once it is molded, Ultralon foam is commonly used in orthopedic applications to create custom footbeds. In fact, the super-supportive foam acts as an integrated custom foot bed without the need for insoles, though aftermarket footbeds can easily be used if desired. The foam’s structural integrity also means it transfers more energy to the ski than standard PE or other thermo-moldable liners for maximum performance. An overview of the some of the advantages that SCARPA Intuition liners offer:

• Because of their density and resiliency, the liners are two to three times more resilient and durable than standard PE or other thermo-moldable liners. Thus they hold their shape for longer and can be molded many more times.

• Because of their structural integrity, these liners create their own internal footbed once heat molded, thus there is no need for a standard or aftermarket footbed (however, they will accommodate a footbed if desired).

• The process of molding Ultralon is easier than PE or other thermo-moldable liners; it requires less specialized training, which means less room for error.

• They are built with light weight EVA foam rather than PE or other open-cell foam, so they lighten SCARPA boots across the line.

• All overlap stitching is ‘hidden’ due to stitch-and-turn and surge construction, so there are fewer fit problems or pressure points common with other thermo liners. They also have no seam on the bottom of the foot like other thermo liners.

• Ultralon is a closed-cell foam; it won’t absorb moisture the same way a PE foam does, so the liners dry very quickly and they won’t trap bacteria in the foam (read: they don’t smell as bad). They also have an anti-microbial treatment.

• They are built with an overlap style tongue, which offers better volume management and better energy transfer to the ski because it is more rigid with fewer pressure points.

• There are different model liners for different SCARPA boots; stiffer ones are used in more downhill-oriented boots, while more flexible ones are used in more touring-oriented boots. In addition, all liners are triple-density; they are stiffer outside where you want power and softer inside where you want comfort.

• A silicone tread on the liner sole offers purchase when used outside the shell.

• They won’t increase the retail price of SCARPA boots!

In addition, SCARPA North America will offer Intuition liners via an aftermarket program, so that skiers who want to add them to their existing telemark and alpine-touring boots can do so without buying new boots. For more information about SCARPA footwear, visit

About SCARPA and SCARPA North America

Founded in 1938, SCARPA builds performance footwear for hiking, skiing, mountaineering, climbing, trail running and other outdoor pursuits from its headquarters in Asolo, Italy. SCARPA has been owned and operated by the Parisotto family since 1956. In 2005, SCARPA opened its North American headquarters in Boulder, Colo., staffed and directed by veterans of the North American outdoor industry, to oversee sales and marketing in the U.S. and Canada.

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