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New Softride Bike Racks handle the growing Fat Bike load

Carry up to five bikes from handle bars without contacting frame, fork, cable lines or other bikes

BELLINGHAM, WA (Nov 20, 2013) – As fat bike season arrives, Softride would like those with additional width to know the Hang2 and Hang5 bike racks are in stock and ready to carry fat bikes out of the box, without adapters or extra tools.

“The Hang5 was purpose-built to haul flat bar bikes. Because of how we designed it, it handles 38mm tires just as well as 4” Fatsos,” says Ryan Allsop, Co-President of Softride.

Hang5 users can leave touring bags and bottle cages loaded on the bike during transport; avoid having to deflate and re-inflate their tires; and require no conversion kits. Bikes on the Hang5 are held stable, and may be loaded and unloaded in any order. The more compact Hang2 (two-bike version) has the added benefit of being able to carry a road bike and/or a fat bike without swapping adapters, using any tools, or deflating any tires.

The Hang5 lowers out of the way using its parallelogram design, even when loaded with bikes, providing easy access to the rear of the vehicle. The Hang5 carries up to five bikes without contacting the frame, fork, hydraulic cable lines, or other bikes. It is compatible with Fatbikes, Dualsport, Downhill, Freeride, and BMX, as well as some road bikes and many kids’ bikes (24” wheels and up). 

The Hang2 has a suggested retail price of $329.99, Hang5 has a suggested retail price of $650.00, and both are available now. For more information, visit


Softride, Inc. has created innovative, first-to-market products for over twenty years, and invented the parallelogram receiver-mounted bike rack in 1991. Family-owned Softride continues to develop products that provide customers with absolute versatility paired with eye-catching design and ease of use. Along with Access bike rack products, Softride developed the patented QuietRide™ Towing Products that safely eliminate the annoying clank associated with towing. For more information on Softride’s products, visit