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NICHE Knew Receives “Good Wood” Award from TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine

Salt Lake City, UTNICHE Snowboards, makers of high quality, eco-friendly snowboards, is excited and honored to receive the 2014 Good Wood award from TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine for the 2014 Knew model. NICHE, based in Salt Lake City at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, crafts high quality, eco-friendly snowboards with a focus on decreasing environmental impact while increasing performance and quality design.

NICHE’s Knew board took top honors in the Men’s Park under $450 category and received high marks for its stable flat camber and fun twin-tip design. Transworld took notice of the Knew’s sustainable materials, highlighting the board’s FSC Certified Wood Core and recycled sidewalls, as well as the durable recycled base. To check out Transworld’s thoughts and video review go here.

The Good Wood award underscores NICHE’s drive to create the best snowboards with the lowest environmental impact. The materials used to craft the Knew, as with all NICHE snowboards, substitute eco-friendly, recycled, and non-toxic materials for many of the harmful and non-sustainable materials traditionally used in snowboard manufacturing. By manufacturing in Austria, NICHE is able to source all of their materials from nearby their production center, allowing a massive decrease in their overall carbon footprint.

NICHE is also extremely proud of the Knew’s artwork, inspired by their home in the Wasatch and created by artist Darren Booth. The board’s graphic is truly a piece of art and is an abstract recreation of the Wasatch’s topography. To check out more about Darren’s artwork for the Knew go here.

“Recognition from such a reputable publication is a serious honor, and as a small, ideal-driven manufacturer, it means a lot,” said Ana Van Pelt, Creative Director at NICHE Snowboards. “NICHE is a brand that loves what we do and this award bolsters our passion to continue to innovate and create better performing and more sustainably manufactured snowboards.”

About NICHE Snowboards
NICHE Snowboards is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and are crafted in a small town in Austria. Founded by a fusion of skilled craftsmanship and creative ideas, NICHE ’s focus is on high quality and environmentally friendly snowboards. NICHE is rider owned, and passionate about making boards that are lighter, more snappy and more durable than most traditionally constructed decks. To learn more about NICHE Snowboards, check out: NICHE