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Nikwax Goes Carbon Neutral with the World Land Trust

Nikwax announces a plan for carbon neutrality that addresses not only the present, but also the past and the future.

Seattle, Wash. (October 15, 2007) – Nikwax proudly announces a plan for carbon neutrality that addresses not only the present, but also the past and the future. By establishing this model for corporate responsibility efforts, Nikwax is taking their environmental commitment to the next level.

“We are working hard to bring global, environmental and climate change issues to the forefront, and to affect more positive change,” says Nick Brown, founder and Managing Director of Nikwax. “We strive to encourage our retailers, and others in our industry, to follow our commitment and dedication to protecting our planet.” Nikwax endeavours to minimize its carbon footprint by improving working practices. To mitigate the emissions that are inevitable in the manufacturing process, the company has established a three-tiered partnership with the World Land Trust.

•Present: Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are offset with a donation to the World Land Trust that goes toward re-establishing and rehabilitating tropical forests, especially in Ecuador.
•Past: In addition to offsetting current CO2 emissions, Nikwax will offset historical emissions with donations that cover the current year and a previous year. For example, this year’s donations will cover emissions from 2007 and 1997. The result will be 20 years of carbon offsetting completed in a 10-year span.
•Future: Nikwax believes conserving standing forests is equally as vital as regenerating depleted forests. For every dollar the company spends with offsetting programs, Nikwax is donating an equal amount to the World Land Trust conservation program. These donations from Nikwax will assist in protecting an 815-acre extension to the Buenaventura Reserve in Ecuador. Keeping this tropical forest intact ensures a continued ecological balance, and protects the habitat of rare species of parakeet, tree frogs and other wildlife.

This three-tiered approach represents a significant environmental commitment for at least the next 10 years. Nikwax chose the World Land Trust because of the organization’s wide diversity of projects, dedication, commitment to education and social responsibility. Its funds are used to restore tropical forests that have been cleared and to purchase existing forestlands to protect in perpetuity.

About Nikwax:
Nikwax is one of the world’s leading aftercare manufacturers serving the outdoor and snowsports markets. Since 1977, Nikwax has been dedicated to producing safe, effective products that protect and extend the life of apparel, footwear and outdoor gear. The proprietary cleaning and waterproofing solutions are the industry standard for maintaining fabric performance and durability in the most extreme weather conditions. The business philosophy and environmental ethos of Nikwax come directly from the founder and Managing Director, Nick Brown. His commitment to excellence and corporate responsibility earned him an appointment to the Board of the EOG Association for Conservation, an offshoot of the European Outdoor Industry. The Board is charged with the conservation and protection of wild areas.

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