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Not All Fitness Cables Are Created Equal

Commercial-grade construction and affordability separate LifelineUSA® from the pack

Madison, Wis. (September 22, 2009) – To the untrained eye, most fitness cables look alike. But when it comes to performance, durability, ease of use and affordability, the difference is often night and day. If you’re rehabbing an injury, trying to lose weight or working on your muscle strength, using the right fitness cables can make a dramatic difference. That’s why LifelineUSA® – a pioneer in functional fitness – has spent more than three decades perfecting its line of resistance cables by focusing on quality construction, product innovation and value.

First, the company places a premium on construction. Lifeline’s fitness cables are built using Progressive Layering TechnologyTM, creating up to 21 individual layers of high-density rubber. This translates to a durable fitness cable that provides consistent, smooth variable resistance, and lasts longer. Second, Lifeline brings innovation to the product category. One example is the company’s patented plug-and-pocket design. The carefully engineered plug dramatically increases the wear surface where the cable connects to the handle allowing cables to last up to 10 times longer than common grommet connections. The open pocket design allows users to easily interchange cables with the handles, maximizing the versatility of one’s workout choices.

“Not all fitness cables are created equal,” said Bobby Hinds, owner and founder of LifelineUSA. “We’ve spent 35 years in gyms, athletic clubs and rehab facilities testing our cable systems. The end result is a product that not only lasts longer and performs better, but helps an individual achieve a desired fitness goal, at an affordable price.”

Lifeline offers a variety of cable systems, all designed with the individual needs and goals of the user in mind. The line starts out at just $9.95 with the Quik FitTM Cable Kit, which is built for total comfort, ease of use and portability. The set comes with Quik Fit handles that are wrapped in a high-density, durable foam for maximum comfort. In addition, the handles incorporate a patented plug-and-pocket design, which allows an individual to quickly and easily switch out cables while working out.

The Quik Fit Cable Kit is highly compact, which makes it an ideal travel companion for life on the road. It comes with a door attachment for workouts in a hotel room and easily collapses to the size of a standard smart phone when not in use.

Lifeline also offers individual Fitness Cables that come with two (2) ergonomic interchangeable soft and hard grip handles and choice of one (1) resistance cable. It also includes a door attachment and a full-body workout poster by fitness expert and professional strength coach Jon Hinds. Consumers can choose from up to 10 different resistance cables that are fully compatible with the handles, making the system one of the most versatile on the market. Individual cables start at $12.95.

The TNTTM Cable Kit is geared toward those who want a more intense workout. The system holds up to three (3) cables at once, allowing it to deliver peak resistances of more than 300-pounds. Workouts are easily varied using the patented plug-and-pocket design found on each handle. This patented feature allows users to switch out cables quickly and easily to alter resistance levels.

Another unique feature of the TNT Cable Kit is the 3-in-1 ergonomic handle that adjusts based on a user’s grip. This allows users to focus on different areas of the body while the handle maintains proper cable and grip alignment across the full range of motion. The TNT Cable Kit comes with three (3) 40 lb. resistance cables, one (1) door attachment and a full body instruction manual authored by Jon Hinds. The
TNT Cable Kit starts at $33.95.

“Fitness experts recognize the amazing performance gains that can be achieved when training with cables,” said Hinds. “But you have to watch out, there are lots of bands, tubes and cords on the market – the differences in quality are easy to feel. A good cable will easily stretch two or three times its original length and should feel smooth throughout the stretching process. You want to avoid bands that feel inconsistent or suddenly spike in resistance. Of course, if you want the best you don’t have to look any further than Lifeline – they have been at this for over 35 years and are the elite standard in resistance cables.”

LifelineUSA was founded in 1974 by fitness pioneer, Bobby Hinds. Under his leadership, LifelineUSA has led the pack when it comes to functional fitness. The company’s list of product innovations is long and includes a host of one-of-a-kinds, including the invention of the beaded jump rope – a product that transformed the fitness industry and earned Hinds the nickname, “The Jump Rope King.” Today, the company continues to blaze a trail in the fitness industry with the introduction of products like the Portable Gym, Power Wheel and PowRWalkâ„¢ Pro.

LifelineUSA offers a variety of functional fitness products and accessories for a diverse audience, including: physical therapists, athletic trainers, PE instructors and active lifestyle consumers. To learn more about LifelineUSA, go to or call 1-800-553-6633.

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