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Not At OR: Dog of the Show Announcement Is A Suprise

Odin was dominating the Dog of the Days, but when the big announcement came for Dog of the Show...

Not At OR’s Dog of the Show was elected last weekend by the esteemed panel of judges at Not At OR.

Odin had won consecutive Dog of the Day (DOTD) titles and was considered unstoppable. Two consecutive DOTD’s was unheard of, and when he pulled off his trifecta it seemed a foregone conclusion.

“He was considered unstoppable – didn’t you just read that? We’d never seen anything like at this Not At OR or the last winter’s Not At OR,” said The Guy Not At OR (GNAOR). “Odin was an animal, but we have an inclusive not show here.”

When the DOTS (Dog of the Show) was announced the Black Lab’s dominance was subverted by a cute little Great Pyrenees puppy – Cypher.

According to the judges, Cypher was “sujja wittle-wittle cutey-cutey gubboy,” and that skill brought him the title.

The GNAOR and all of The Staff at Not At OR congratulate Cypher on his victory.

About Not At OR: While Not At OR’s focus used to be on gear, trends, and getting business done; it has shifted from that realm in order to drift into more important stuff. Like dogs and slacklining.

About The Guy: Founded in 1964 by his parents, The Guy is a writer based in Nevada City. Which is not in Nevada. Actually, he lives on the San Juan Ridge with a bunch of hippies, rednecks, and creative types. The Guy is a long-time Outdoor Industry Veteran having worked for companies including The North Face, Sierra Designs, and SNEWS. He’s been going to OR for a long time. This is his firstsecond Not At OR since the late ’90′s.