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Not At OR Reviews Phones – What Is Smart?

The Guy Not At OR (GNAOR) dives into his Not At OR outdoor gear reviews with his look at electronic telephony.

Smartphones are the new rage. Actually, not that new – but still raging. The Guy Not At OR (GNAOR) traveled to Not At OR and took a look at the all of the shiny electronic communication devices found in the halls in and around the Not At OR global world campus environment.

The results were surprising.

“The results were surprising,” says The Guy. “The Not At OR Staff (NAORS) tested the devices in a variety of conditions and took the time to read about the stuff they didn’t have to test. Or ask their friends. Very extensive, very stringent criteria. That’s how we do things NAOR.”

Focusing on the iPhone (duh), Droid (just “Droid” in general – no specific one), and a dark horse entry from LG, the review goes deep into what makes a phone “smart”.

“We went deep into what makes a phone ‘smart’,” says The Guy. “Tents? Bags? C’mon – this is an outdoor thing, so we spend a lot of time on personal electronics. And dogs and manpurses and slacklining. Stand-up paddling too.”

Read the results of NAORS’s review at The Guy Not At OR’s hard-hitting blog right……HERE!.

Adds The Guy: “You can read the results of our review at our hard hitting blog.”

About The Guy: Founded in 1964 by his parents, The Guy is a writer based in Nevada City. Which is not in Nevada. Actually, he lives on the San Juan Ridge with a bunch of hippies, rednecks, and creative types. The Guy is a long-time Outdoor Industry Veteran having worked for companies including The North Face, Sierra Designs, and SNEWS. He’s been going to OR for a long time. This is his firstsecond Not At OR since the late ’90′s. Hire him.