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NRS Joins Grassroots Outdoor Alliance as a Vendor Partner

NRS Joins Grassroots Outdoor Alliance as a Vendor Partner

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is pleased to announce that NRS (Northwest River Supplies) has joined our organization as a Vendor Partner.

Established in 1972 with $2000, a Garage, and a Dream, NRS Founder Bill Parks started one of the best businesses in the world to supply paddle sport equipment.

In the early 70’s Bill Parks had two passions: paddling and business. So with $2000 in savings, he started NRS (Northwest River Supplies). As well as an opportunity to provide fellow enthusiasts with products, this gave him the chance to prove his teaching wasn’t just talk. Here’s how Bill Park’s describes the origin of his company and its philosophy on providing quality products and excellent customer service.

“I first fell in love with whitewater in the 1960’s. As a business teacher, it was a natural step to combine my passion for paddling with my “day job”: I could test some of my ideas about small business in the real world and go boating at the same time. In 1972, while on the faculty of the University of Oregon, I started NRS with an initial $2000 investment.

Thanks to lots of luck and some hard work, NRS (which soon relocated to Moscow, Idaho) grew into a thriving business.
Today, we are still putting into practice my original, perhaps somewhat naive, belief that a business enterprise can provide purpose and enjoyment in our lives, rather than just a way of making money. At NRS, our purpose is to treat you, the customer, in the way we like to be treated. In many ways the company feels to us like a family, and we hope that you, too, get a bit of this feeling when doing business with us.

I’ve always been a budget boater, and NRS was founded to provide quality equipment without wiping out the wallet. We haven’t lost that edge, although some people sometimes ask why we don’t charge more for our products. The answer is simple: we didn’t get into this business to get rich or to satisfy investors — we’re here because we love running rivers. You’ll find our best efforts in your local paddling shop”.

When asked about the value of working with Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, NRS Sales Manager Josh Davis shared “NRS is proud and excited to be joining Grassroots Outdoors Alliance. G.O.A.’s ideals are right in line with our company philosophy, so it’s going to be a great fit. We’re looking forward to a long, productive relationship with this group of top-notch outdoor retailers and vendors.”

Today, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance has 38 members with nearly 80 retail locations across the United States. We’re choosy about who our vendor partners are but with these types of goals and expectations, NRS is an easy fit as a vendor partner. Our vendor partners offer the most reliable and evolutionary products available in outdoor gear and apparel. They are collaborative and open to participating in events, education and marketing based on regional and local engagement of sport and fashion. They are committed to sport, to outdoor recreation, and to improving the lives and lived environments of loyal customers across the United States.

We’re proud and pleased to welcome NRS to our family of brands.

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