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Nutriex Signs Skier Lynsey Dyer to Athlete Advisory

Park City, Utah (Sept. 22, 2010)Nutriex, a leading performance supplement company, announces the addition of skier Lynsey Dyer to its Athlete Advisory. Dyer joins other world-class athletes on Nutriex’ roster including Chris Sharma, Kit DesLauriers, Shannon Bahrke, and Jimmy Chin.

The Nutriex Athlete Advisory exists to provide vital feedback from those participating in the top of his/her sport or activity. Athletes depend on Nutriex products to protect their bodies from the rigor of competition and to recover from endurance efforts.

Dyer, a Sun Valley, Idaho native, has won every big-mountain competition she’s ever entered including the overall Extreme skiing tour in 2005. She has appeared in Warren Miller and Teton Gravity Research films, and this winter, she was awarded Female Skier of the Year 2010 by Powder Magazine. In 2006, Dyer co-founded the non-profit She Jumps, which seeks to get girls into outdoor sports and offers avalanche safety and learn-to-ski clinics. She currently resides in Jackson, Wyo.

“I feel very fortunate to be supported from the inside out with Nutriex products,” said Dyer. “As an athlete, these extra nutrients make all the difference when it comes to staying healthy and at the top of my game. High five to a product that makes a measurable difference!”

Athletes like Dyer, Bahrke, and others rely on NUTRIEX Sport, a premium natural anti-inflammatory and joint nutrition product formulated to counter balance the high physical demands athletes place on their bodies. Nutriex Sport is formulated with therapeutic levels of the cartilage protectors glucosamine and chondroitin to help athletes and active adults prevent and recover more quickly from injuries.

Founded more than 10 years ago by renowned orthopedic surgeon Thomas Rosenberg, MD, to provide simple, natural path solutions for his patients’ performance and surgical recovery needs, Nutriex remains dedicated and committed to continued research on natural solutions to optimal health. And to that end, 100% of the profits from Nutriex sales support preventive health research and education at Park City, Utah-based ProHealth Lab, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Results from ProHealth Lab’s constant research and review are incorporated back into Nutriex formulations. ProHealth Lab exists to counter the shortcomings and misdirections of America’s current, interventional healthcare system with its focus on disease sickness models, more and more expensive tests, drug prescriptions, and repeat surgery. Learn more at

Nutriex products comprise unique blends of scientifically proven and time-tested preventive health ingredients. All Nutriex formulations are made from the highest quality ingredients that exceed U.S. purity standards. In addition, all Nutriex formulations are manufactured to standards above and beyond those required by FDA regulations.

The Nutriex family of products has the best solution for your specific preventive health needs. Nutritional products that supplement nutrition include protein, Omega-3, bone and joint, antioxidants and a comprehensive multivitamin have been sequentially formulated over a 10-year period.

Additional products in the Nutriex line include:

•NUTRIEX Proteins for balanced energy and recovery
•Omega-3/Fish Oil an anti-inflammatory for cardio and cognitive health
•NUTRIEX Health for long-term health/joint maintenance
•NUTRIEX Basic a high antioxidant, comprehensive multivitamin

Nutriex products are available at the offices of top orthopedic surgeons and sports physiologists, physical therapy clinics, and at nutritional pharmacies nationwide, in addition to The company is expanding distribution into outdoor specialty retailers and climbing gyms.

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