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Nuun makes hydration portable and easy

nuun's quick-dissolving, sugar-free electrolyte tablets are available in three flavor

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(seattle, wa) nuun wants to change the way hikers, climbers, kayakers and skiers—or anyone that’s active—think about hydration. the seattle company has a unique product that makes optimal hydration simple for anyone on the go. nuun is an easy-to-use, quick dissolving tablet that, when added to 16 ounces of water, provides sugar-free electrolytes. nuun is packaged in a tube of 12 tablets that will create 1.5 gallons of hydration, anywhere there is water. a tube of nuun, available in three flavours, retails for $6.50. information on nuun (pronounced “noon”) can be found on

since 2004, nuun & company has had a small product but a big idea. conceived by a cyclist who was frustrated with overly sweet, bulky and messy products, nuun has been been discovered by competitive triathletes, cyclists and adventure racers. now, nuun & company turns its attention to the outdoor market.

“we’ve been working for a couple years to get a better solution to hydration,” said founder tim moxey. “see, hydration is more than water; it’s about replacing electrolytes wherever you are.”

“using nuun is so utterly simple. that makes it ideal for outdoor epics of any kind,” said moxey. “with nuun, you can go wherever you want, do what you enjoy, and hydrate. wherever you can fill up a water bottle, just drop in nuun and by the time you’ve laced up your boots or put on your pack, you’ve got a complex electrolyte drink.”

nuun’s solution also clearly separates replacing lost electrolytes from obtaining energy. unlike sports drinks, nuun contains no sugars and virtually no calories. “drinking must be independent from energy,” moxey stresses. “think about it. on a hot day, or when you are exercising heavily, you need more liquid but you don’t always need more energy—that’s why tummies can hurt if you overload the system with sugary stuff. energy is always easier to get than electrolytes, but nuun changes that.”

three words sum up nuun: portable electrolyte hydration.

portable: nuun comes in a lightweight tube that can easily be taken on any adventure—to the summit of a fourteener, up a big wall, paddling a wild coast or on a backcountry ski traverse.

electrolyte: nuun tablets contain essential electrolytes to help recharge body and mind. there are no added sugars, caffeine or artificial colors. without sugar, nuun is very compact and allows you to get electrolytes independent of the energy you need. nuun lets you decide how and what you eat to fuel your energy needs.

hydration: drop one water-soluble nuun tablet into 16 ounces of water, anywhere. each 2 oz. tube of 12 tablets ($6.50 msrp) turns water into 1.5 gallons of optimal, balanced hydration.

nuun specs at a glance:

• convenient tablets dissolve quickly and require no measuring, stirring or shaking
• compact tube is durable, waterproof and slips easily into a pack, dry bag or bike jersey pocket
• contains four essential electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium
• hypotonic solution is more efficiently absorbed than water alone
• contains no sugar or carbohydrates; nuun separates hydration from nutrition and energy
• does not contain caffeine or artificial colors
• no-sugar formula means nuun is not sticky, and won’t go funky in hydration bladders or bottles
• 1 tube contains 12 tabs and will make 1.5 gallons total—plenty for a long time on the trail
• 1 tab per 16 ounces (500 ml) of water, or 2 tabs per liter-sized bottle
• tube and tablets weigh only 2 ounces
• $6.50 per tube, which makes a cost-competitive drink that costs about $1.00 per 32 ounces
• available in 3 flavours: lemon+lime, tri-berry, citrus fruit