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OIA Extends Green Travel Challenge to Outdoor Industry

OIA has set a challenge for 10% of outdoor industry companies to offset travel to and from the 2007 Winter Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow.

Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) recently announced a challenge to the outdoor industry to offset 10% of its carbon emissions from travel to and from the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Tradeshow. With the support of Outdoor Retailer, Salt Lake Visitors and Convention Bureau, Native Energy, and industry companies including GoLite, OIA hopes to encourage 10% of Outdoor Retailer tradeshow exhibitors and attendees to offset the CO2 emissions from their travel.

The outdoor industry has made impressive strides toward reducing the environmental impacts of our business operations and events:
• The Salt Palace Convention Center which hosts Outdoor Retailer is the largest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building in Utah and has the largest solar power lighting system in the state.
• Outdoor Retailer developed Green Steps program to acknowledge and reward outdoor industry companies for their environmental efficiencies.
• Outdoor Retailer tradeshow is powered by wind generated energy through the purchase of offsets.
• Numerous individual outdoor industry businesses are implementing programs that improve environmental efficiencies and reduce their emissions.

Travel to, from, and during Outdoor Retailer produces carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Carbon offsets allow you to ensure that in the future, clean alternative wind energy is produced in lieu of carbon intensive coal fired energy. You are offsetting the carbon that you have already emitted, reducing future carbon emissions, and helping to grow the availability of clean energy by supporting new wind energy projects. If you purchase your offsets through Native Energy, you’re also supporting projects on Native American tribal lands that build strong regional economies.

Offsetting is easy.
1. Look for the Carbon Neutral Traveler button on the OIA, OR, GoLite, SNEWS and other industry company websites to learn more about offsetting the carbon emissions from your travel.
2. Click here ( to calculate how much CO2 you and your company produce during travel to and from Outdoor Retailer. Purchase your offsets directly online at this site, or buy them onsite at OIA booth 5600 during Outdoor Retailer.
3. Pick up your Carbon Neutral Traveler sticker at OIA booth 5600 during OR. You’ll also be able to speak with someone about the benefits of emissions offsets and other carbon reducing strategies for you and your business.
4. Wear your Carbon Neutral Traveler sticker to the GoLite “Lite My Fire” Party on Day Two of Outdoor Retailer, Sunday, January 28, from 4pm – 6pm at GoLite’s Booth #23001 and #24011. The party will celebrate our industry’s efforts to ”GoLite on the Planet” by reducing our environmental impacts and GoLite will donate their DriMove recycled polyester performance layers made with eco-friendly CoCoNa as well as GoLite’s new trail running footwear to the first 500 carbon neutral travel party-goers.
5. Tell your friends and colleagues about the Green Traveler Challenge and how they can reduce their carbon footprint during and beyond Outdoor Retailer!

As the outdoor industry, we’re committed to people’s health and the health of the environment. If 10% of outdoor retailer participants offset their travel, we can make significant reductions in carbon emissions and help reduce the impacts of global warming! Participate in the OIA Green Traveler Challenge at this Winter Outdoor Retailer.