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Omega Pacific partners with Liberty Mountain

Liberty Mountain, the leading distributor of climbing gear and outdoor products in the U.S. will now be distributing the full line of Omega Pacific climbing gear.

SALT LAKE CITY, U.T. (April 7, 2007) – Omega Pacific, a leader in climbing, rescue and industrial safety hardware, partners with Liberty Mountain to distribute their full line of products.

Omega Pacific celebrates twenty-five years building and supplying the best in climbing, rescue and industrial safety hardware. In that time, the company revolutionized cold-forged carabiners with “ISO Cold Forging,” their proprietary technology which allows Omega to build in many of the benefits of hot forging with the efficiency and affordability of cold-forged goods. Most recently, the company launched the most important piece of climbing protection in thirty years with the introduction of the Link Cam, the only spring-loaded camming device in the world with a 2.5:1 camming ratio, providing more range and usefulness than any other cam available.

“Liberty has been a fantastic partner for us in other markets for several years, and we’re now very excited to have them on our side in the climbing market, too. They have a tremendous operation; a huge selection; competitive pricing and great people.” –Michael Lane, Sales & Marketing Director, Omega Pacific

“Liberty Mountain’s excellent customer service and distribution capabilities make us a great match for Omega Pacific’s great products. We are very excited to partner with a company whose commitment to quality production and design mirrors our desire to provide the best service possible to our customers.” –Gary Heward, President, Liberty Mountain

Founded in 1952 Liberty Mountain saw a rebirth when current President Gary Heward took control of the company 10 years ago. In the last 10 years, Liberty has quickly grown to be a leader in the outdoor distribution market, partnering with brands such as Nalgene, Edelweiss, Vaude, Singing Rock, CMI and 100’s of others. Combining a high in-stock rate with same day shipping and the best customer service in the industry make Liberty the perfect stop for all your outdoor gear needs.

From Nalgene bottles to Omega Link Cams to Edelweiss Ropes to Vaude Backpacks, Liberty Mountain is THE source for “Everything for the Outdoors.”

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